Why the data on the car configuration sheet is different from the actual data

The general configuration when buying a car is our greatest concern because it relates to the practicality and price/performance of a car. However, everyone also knows that the parts on the car are composed of many small details. Therefore, when buying a car, the owner can't look at the configuration list one by one, or it can be seen that when he gets the real car, the data is different. Then the question arises. What caused this situation? Today Xiao Bian shares with you some of the more easily misunderstood configuration or parameters.


1. From the ground clearance, friends who buy SUVs generally go for higher ground clearances, because most cars with higher ground clearance have better performance. However, the parameters given by the manufacturer are generally ideal, that is, the time when the vehicle is empty. Therefore, the owner will find that the parameters are different when he uses the new car, because the standards measured by the two parties are different. Another point that needs to be reminded is that the car's ground clearance is related to the degree of softness and hardness of the car's suspension. Not all cars have higher ground clearance, and the better the passability, they must be considered in conjunction with the suspension situation. .

2, electronic differential lock, electronic differential lock is actually an electronic control program, when our car is slipping, it will be based on the situation to carry out a separate brake or distribution, so as to carry out slip control. This function is not as understood by some owners and it is thought to add more to the car. In fact, its hardware has not changed, but it is more than a program to make the function more rich.


3, tank volume, this parameter is basically a virtual target, and the actual is not consistent. Because not only must the influence of temperature on the gas be taken into account, but the actual volume of the fuel tank is generally only about 95% of this nominal parameter. Another point is that not all of the fuel in the fuel tank is shown on the tank table. It is also called the spare fuel tank. Even if your tank table jumps yellow, you can still open the distance, so the actual refueling amount is actually a little less than the nominal tank capacity.

4, fuel consumption, general fuel consumption value given by the Ministry of Industry is measured in an ideal state, basically no one owner can really out of this fuel consumption value. Because the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's test method is to open a section in the city, and then open a comprehensive calculation in the suburbs. However, our actual car situation is not the same as this, especially now that urban roads are getting more and more crowded. Naturally, this situation cannot be achieved.

Xiao Bian said so much here, and finally summed up in a sentence, that is, we hope that when the car owners buy a car, they must carefully look at the car's parameters, and then understand what it actually refers to, to avoid themselves fall into the wrong zone.

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