Using fruit sugar test to ensure the quality of fruits that can be sold

The black sugar content was 17.2%, the orange sugar content was 15.2%, and the pineapple sugar content was 13.4%. This is the fruit sugar value obtained by a fruit sales shop staff using a fruit sugar meter. For such an attentive fruit shop, using a fruit sugar meter to carry out fruit testing has become an important technical means for ensuring the quality of the fruits sold. It can guarantee the quality of the fruit to a certain extent, and it is precisely because Well, product quality control, consumers generally reflect the shop's delicious fruit, repeat customers also increased a lot.

Fruit sugar meter

The level of fruit sugar is generally formed during the production process, but for the seller, because they did not personally experience the growth process of these fruits, they were not able to clearly understand the quality of the fruit. In the past during the purchase process, Also found that a lot of fruit appearance quality is better, but the entrance is dull, even bitter, this fruit to buy to consumers, so that consumers are very dissatisfied, seriously undermining the trust relationship between shops and consumers, and now use fruit sugar Taking measures to control the sweetness of fruits can provide more sweet and delicious fruits to consumers. This not only increases consumers' trust in stores, but also reduces fruit backlog and increases operating income of fruit sales.
Although individual tastes and preferences vary, the requirements for different fruit sweetness values ​​are not the same, but generally speaking, fruit sweetness is greater than 12%, then customers will feel sweet. The reason why the fruit sugar meter can be used for such a fruit sales process is mainly because the fruit sugar meter has a relatively small size and the operation is very simple. The result shows intuitive and relatively low requirements for the operator. Basically, only the sugar content is required. When the fruit juice is fed, it can be used to show the sweetness of the fruit as a percentage figure. Therefore, after the comparison, the sweetness of the fruit can be known.
In the increasingly fierce competition in the current fruit market, the fruit sugar meter is not only used for quality control in the process of fruit cultivation, but also began to be applied to the sales process. In the sales market, the use of fruit sugar meter to carry out quality Inspection, in fact, is also a way to improve the level of service, can safeguard the fundamental interests of consumers and improve the market competitiveness of fruit sales companies.

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