Several major elements of the video entrance and exit survey

Due to the great advantages in terms of security and efficiency, the video portal management system has increasingly become the preferred solution for the owners. The video portal management system uses the built-in license plate recognition function of the camera to distinguish the vehicles, and its recognition effect is affected by the engineering to some extent. Therefore, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the program, a detailed survey of the entrance and exit must be carried out. So, what are the elements that need to be investigated?
1, road conditions
It mainly focuses on the road surface material, and chooses cement/asphalt and other solid material roads; the road surface is not damaged and is suitable for the laying of the floor coils.
2. Avoid public facilities
View the status of underground pipelines such as electricity, water supply, and communications. Select points should avoid underground pipelines so as to avoid interference when using the ground coil to trigger.
3, road measurement
Measure the width and depth of the road. If the width is too large or the depth is too short, consider using a dual camera solution to increase the recognition rate.
4, traffic direction
Observe the direction of entry and exit of the vehicle, and confirm the range of the position where the front of the vehicle can be straightened. If it is close to the expected distance of the pole, it is necessary to consider adopting a standing cone as a guide and a pole position to move backwards to adjust.
5, traffic speed
Observe the flow rate and vehicle speed of the entrance and exit vehicles. For scenarios with large flow and many follow-up situations, it is necessary to install a deceleration zone to slow down the vehicle speed and increase the distance between the front and rear workshops.
6, to avoid interference between devices
When designing the scheme, fully consider the installation position of the existing equipment and avoid interference between the equipment. For example, the gate lifting rod is generally installed behind the camera at the entrance and exit bayonet, so as to prevent the lifting rod from obstructing the license plate and causing the normal recognition.
After completing the above investigation and formulating a reasonable construction plan, we can maximize the effectiveness of the system.

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