Fukuda sales in the first half of the year reversed 250…

With the expansion of factories and salary increase for workers, the production and sales of domestic commercial vehicles both fell in the first quarter, but Foton Motor's sales growth reached 125,000 units and completed nearly 30% of the annual plan. In the first quarter, the production and -----

SAIC still cautiously controls inventory in the second …

67% of annual sales plan completed in half a year Originally, "Responding to the market downturn" as the main task of this year and setting a prudent sales target in 2009, SAIC sighed with relief. Shanghai Auto Group told reporters on the 23rd that from January to June, SAIC Motor sold -----

Lubricants brand will face fierce battle in 2009

In the lube industry in 2008, there were no eye-catching advertising campaigns, no smoke-filled price promotions, and on the surface, the Chinese lubricants market appeared to be somewhat flat. However, under the situation where the price of crude oil has fluctuated significantly and new emi-----

Latest Dongfeng Motor Bulletin Inquiry

Latest Dongfeng Motor Bulletin Inquiry China Automotive Network provides the latest Dongfeng Motor Bulletin inquiry function. The query results cover all seven batches of Dongfeng Motor's batch production. The product data of various models is about 5,0-----

2009 China Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Summit Forum …

On April 23, 2009, the China Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Summit Forum 2009, hosted by the National Association of Commercial Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing, was held in Nanjing New Century Hotel, Jiangsu, with the theme of development opportunities for commercial vehicles in the context-----

China National Heavy Duty Truck Technology Center Parti…

The 6th working meeting of the China Commercial Vehicle Working Group chaired by the China Automotive Technology and Research Center Standards Institute was held in Zhengzhou from May 20 to May 21. As a representative of domestic commercial vehicle backbone enterprises, a working group of China Na-----

Seven notes for the selected hydraulic control valve

Various types of hydraulic control valve specifications, the system can be the highest pressure and the actual flow through the valve (from the condition map and system diagram) as the basis and consider the valve control characteristics, stability and port size, dimensions, Installation and connect-----