Jiangsu Jinshun Anchor Machine 30KN Manpower Cable Winc…

On November 5th, the 30KN man-made cable winch developed and manufactured by Jiangsu Jinshun Anchor Machine Co., Ltd. passed the acceptance of the design unit, the ship owner and the shipyard, and sent to Jianglong Boat Technology Co., Ltd. This product is used in law enforcement barges and docks o-----

Why the data on the car configuration sheet is differen…

The general configuration when buying a car is our greatest concern because it relates to the practicality and price/performance of a car. However, everyone also knows that the parts on the car are composed of many small details. Therefore, when buying a ca-----

Using fruit sugar test to ensure the quality of fruits …

The black sugar content was 17.2%, the orange sugar content was 15.2%, and the pineapple sugar content was 13.4%. This is the fruit sugar value obtained by a fruit sales shop staff using a fruit sugar meter. For such an attentive fruit shop, using a fruit sugar meter to carry out fruit t-----

What are the causes of engine oil deterioration?

Oil can not only slow down the wear of various metal components in the engine, but also extend the life of the engine. In the previous issue, “Is the oil darkened? Is it fake?” I mentioned the reasons why the engine oil turned black. Let's t-----

Regulatory "cold knowledge" Did you know?

Automobiles are becoming more and more common in our daily lives. However, although owners have passed their driving licenses, it is not clear that some of the “cold knowledge” of the rules for driving on the road have been assessed, and there w-----

Nantong, Jiangsu Province Prepares for Warming of Water…

After the winter started, some citizens began to pay attention to their own anti-freezing measures for water pipes. They remembered the fact that at the beginning of this year, the extreme cold weather in history and the damage to many water facilities were still fresh. Does Nantong City Water Suppl-----

Wei Yun Tong children monitoring live

The frequent accidents in kindergartens and the remote video surveillance industry in kindergartens are gradually emerging. In the coming years, most kindergartens will install remote video surveillance systems. In particular, the current parents are all in the post-80s age, and their cultural know-----