With so many flow meters, these motion pictures give yo…

The nozzle flowmeter is a differential pressure generating device for measuring the flow rate, and can cooperate with various differential pressure gauges or differential pressure transmitters to measure the flow of various fluids in the pipeline. The standard nozzle throttling device is used in c-----

FAW, Dongfeng Game "13th Five-Year"

Since the middle of 2015, FAW Group and Dongfeng Group have exchanged leaders, and it has been nearly 1 year. At the Beijing Auto Show held on April 25 this year, FAW Dongfeng each proposed its new strategy and goals. Xu Ping, who took over FAW Group, tried to enhance competitiveness by refurbish-----

How to clean the exhaust pipe carbon?

Cars are made up of many system components that are indispensable. Exhaust pipe is an important part of the exhaust system of the car, shouldering the role of this exhaust gas, so the exhaust pipe will be very dirty, many novice drivers do not pay attention to this problem, -----

The use, structure and type of aerial vehicles

Aerial vehicles are vehicles that transport workers and the necessary equipment to work in the air. High-altitude vehicles are often found in companies and pipeline companies laying lines, and are suitable for places that require large-scale high-altitude o-----

Reasons for the indistinguishability of refuellers and …

I often come across a phone call from the customer saying that I want a ton of tankers, but when I ask if you are refueling or transporting oil, some customers will say that they cannot distinguish between the two terms. Does oil pull it? This caused some c-----

Learn how to make this car parked ahead of schedule

In addition to the buffering effect of the truck suspension system, leaf springs also take on the role of guiding all the forces and moments that are transmitted, as well as determining the trajectory of the wheel movement. Compared to the air bag type susp-----

How to prevent explosion-proof distribution box show?

Explosion-proof distribution boxes welded by steel plates are susceptible to rust if installed in a humid environment and outdoors. How to prevent it from rusting? 1, the surface spray. At present, most manufacturers will use high-voltage electrostatic spray at the factory. However, plastic powder-----