·Deli United Group's automotive aftermarket strate…

After more than a year of preparation, the first 2S shop of Delian Group was completed in Shanghai recently, officially entering the automotive aftermarket, and developing after-sales service for passenger cars. At the same time, the German Union Group also signed cooperation agreements with the f-----

Large-scale platform disputes make smart homes stalemat…

[Upstream and downstream of China's instrumentation network industry] The smart home industry has always been circulated that "smart homes have not yet formed a just-needed," "circle of hot circles outside the ring," and "falling before the dawn", is the status quo -----

Packaging printing paper prices or stop falling rebound

According to data from the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center, the central parity of the renminbi against the US dollar was reported at 6.2298, which was a drop of 1136 basis points from the previous trading day, and the rate of decline was 1.8%, the largest decline in history, and hit a new lo-----

Double Group: Marine Forgings Provider

Large forgings for ships are key components of ships. With the development of large-scale, high-speed development and manufacturing technology, the size of marine forgings is increasing, and the quality requirements for forgings are getting higher and higher, for the production of large-scale marin-----

Application advantages of solar insecticidal lamps in g…

The production of green fruits needs to be assisted by an economical, safe, effective, and simple high-tech product. The solar insect killer is such a plant protection tool that can be flexibly installed and used in different locations according to insecticidal needs. Solar insecticidal -----

The United States successfully developed energy-intensi…

According to foreign media reports, American scientists have recently successfully developed a new energy-intensive battery that can provide long-term power supply for long-distance driving of electric vehicles. The use of this battery will eliminate the three major obstacles facing the current larg-----

Shanghai Leilei Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Shanghai Leilei Industrial Development Co., Ltd. is a professional packaging material company. Since the establishment of the company, it has established a professional team to serve multiple companies and has extensive experience in binding, plastic sealing and container fixing. My company's -----