The two sides of the Taiwan Strait join hands to create a “good future for the Internet of Things”

【New concept of instrument network in China】 On the morning of November 10, the matchmaking forum for innovation and entrepreneurship of the Internet of Things across the Taiwan Strait was held in Fuzhou, Fujian. More than 70 enterprises and institutions in the field of Internet of Things across the Taiwan Strait attended the conference.

The conference focused on the theme of “Wisdom changes lives and IoT creates the future”. A total of eight cross-strait cooperation projects were officially signed. The reporter learned that this contracted project includes a series of livelihood projects such as "a comprehensive solution for the smart community" and "the construction of a food safety system based on HACCP."

The Internet of Things is a highly integrated and comprehensive application of a new generation of information network technology. It is also an important direction and driving force for a new round of industrial revolution. It fosters new economic growth points, promotes the transformation and upgrading of industrial structures, and improves the efficiency of social management and public services. And the level is of great significance.

This reporter learned that in May of this year, Fujian Province's “Thirteenth Five-Year Plan” digital special plan for Fujian clearly stated that it is necessary to strengthen the key technology public relations and core product R&D of the Internet of Things and improve the public Internet support platform and technology R&D. Implementation of the "Internet of Things" application plan, in the car networking, ship networking, smart home, human perception, smart cities and other areas to carry out large-scale integrated applications, through the cultivation of smart cloud platform to promote superior products to the country to promote. We will improve the Internet of Things industry system and create an industry cluster of 100 billion Internet of Things. At present, the output value of the Internet of Things in Fujian Province exceeds 80 billion yuan, and there are more than 300 Internet companies in the province, making it the fourth state-level Internet of Things industrial park.

The deputy director of Fujian Science and Technology Department You Jiansheng said that Taiwan’s Internet of Things has a first-mover advantage. Fujian and Taiwan will bring water, and the two sides of the Internet will join hands to create a bright future for “Internet of Things+”. He said that the conference will invite cross-Strait industry stakeholders to compare the current situation of the development of the Internet of Things in Fujian province, explore the depth of the future application of IoT technology in Fujian from the perspective of production, education and research, and share Taiwan's IoT technology innovation application solutions.

(Original title: 8 Cross-Strait IoT Innovation and Entrepreneurship Matchmaking Association Signed 8 Projects)

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