The monitoring system uses PoE power transmission to save worry and trouble

For the surveillance system, the most indefinable condition is the weather. Whether it is high sun or thunderstorm, it is a challenge for surveillance cameras. In the traditional analog monitoring system, in order to ensure the normal operation of the entire monitoring system, an independent power supply must be provided for each surveillance camera. This is a small project. In addition to power lines, long-distance video lines are also hard to monitor. hurt.
If analog monitoring cabling is a drawback, then can network monitoring be able to take advantage of it? Different from the analog surveillance system, the network monitoring camera power supply and video data transmission can use the same network cable, using the most common network cable to provide power, data combo. This is not what the special function of the cable, but the surveillance camera supports PoE function, to achieve a double-edged sword mode.
PoE, referred to simply as Power over Ethernet, is the latest standard specification for the simultaneous transmission of data and electrical power using existing standard Ethernet transmission cables. Compared with the wired power supply, this type of power supply using the network cable is connected to the surveillance camera at one end, and connected to the video server or host at the end. The second line does not appear in the middle and cannot be seen in the remote power supply. The power cord is not long enough.
PoE monitoring advantage analysis
1. Select PoE power supply is to monitor the security of the system, in order to prevent the power supply from being exposed, the system security is good. Because there is no strong electricity at the front end, even in a wet environment, there will be no malfunction due to power supply problems, and there is no leakage.
2. Most of the installation monitoring is based on weak-current engineering. Therefore, the use of active power supply system will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of construction. PoE, which is a weak electricity supply method, greatly improves the safety of construction and installation.
3, PoE power supply adopts the network cable, compared with the video cable, the network cable is less affected by the magnetic field, which can ensure the picture quality is clearer.
4. The low cost is the ultimate goal of each user, and adopting PoE not only saves the cost of power cords, sockets, etc. It is also very economical in terms of maintenance. The fewer parts and components, the lower the maintenance cost.
5, based on energy-saving and environmental protection as the starting point, this power supply mode power module has a power identification function, will not cause a waste of electrical energy, effective energy-saving.
In the network monitoring, if PoE is used for this kind of reasonable installation and power supply, such as Feng Runda's network monitoring dedicated PoE switch supports both af and at standard, automatic detection of intelligent power supply, environmental protection and energy saving, high reliability, not only to reduce the burden on power supply, Monitoring daily maintenance is also a good choice.

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