Heat pump dryer export promising

The choice of drying equipment should mainly consider the characteristics of the materials to be dried and the requirements for the moisture content of the dried products. Dryer equipment is widely used in chemical, pharmaceutical, agricultural and forestry native products, food, light industry and other fields. At present, the domestic market share of drying equipment in China has reached more than 80%. The domestic market share of drying equipment in China will reach more than 90%, and the focus of competition will be mainly on product quality, technology level, after-sales service and price. Demand for drying equipment will increase significantly in the following areas.
In the field of grain drying, small drying equipment for rice and wheat drying (below 5t/h) is expected to reach an annual demand of about 1,000 units; the annual demand for chemical drying equipment will reach around 3,000 units. The annual demand for pharmaceutical drying equipment will reach around 3,000 units; the annual demand for drying equipment for agriculture, forestry and native products will reach around 2,000 units; and the annual demand for drying equipment for light industry will reach around 2,000 units.
In the type of drying equipment, hot air heating and drying equipment, tunnel dryers, rotary drum dryers, rotary dryers and cardboard dryers will be the main products, and users in special fields such as infrared drying equipment will also gradually Expand the number of applications; in food and drug drying, the demand for larger-scale dryers in vacuum freeze-drying equipment will increase; in addition, the appearance quality of drying equipment will be increasingly taken into account, and corrosive materials The corrosion resistance and reliable service life of drying equipment will be of particular concern to users.
On the other hand, due to the large volume of drying machinery and equipment, most of them involve on-site installation, commissioning, and after-sales service. Therefore, it is more convenient to use homemade equipment than to use imported equipment. At present, China's main exporting drying equipment products are drying equipment, vibration drying equipment, small and medium-sized grain, food and agricultural and forestry-to-land product drying equipment. The main export areas are in Southeast Asia and other developing countries, and have opened in Europe and America. The door to the market. At present, China's export of drying equipment accounts for less than 5% of the total domestically-made drying equipment. Experts expect that the proportion of export products in the total domestically-made drying equipment will reach over 10%.

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