Residential car maintenance tips

Since traveling with a car, many of my friends’ travel has become more convenient, and traveling with family and children during leisure can also enrich the enjoyment of life. Although it is convenient for residential vehicles, but for safety reasons, maintenance can not be sloppy, the following to share a few tips for the maintenance of residential vehicles!


1. In order to ensure the brightness of the surface layer of the car body shell and protect the gel coat layer, the car should be regularly polished and waxed. The material can use special glaze for fiberglass. It is wax for automobiles. It can be used on three or two sides, but it needs to be separated by two hours at each pass. This can make the fiberglass surface of the car better. A layer of tougher wax film is formed. The best tool to use is a portable polisher to polish the body of the car.

2. The body of the RV should be inspected frequently. If it is found that the body has leaked fibers, peeled resin and deep scratches, it must be repaired immediately. If water penetrates into the interior, rust will appear. And it is the condition of the damaged area.

3, the car must always do a good job cleaning, if it is attached to some of the oil on the surface of the body, you can use a neutral detergent for decontamination treatment, but can not use those with a strong corrosive Cleaning agent, in order to protect the appearance of the car's body, but also can not use the decontamination powder or with a wire to scrub the adhesion. If you encounter those stubborn stains, you can use diesel, gasoline, kerosene, styrene, etc. for cleaning, but remember to use clean water to clean it after cleaning, so as to prevent it from invading the body The internal structure. In the body scrubbing tool for a residential vehicle, a soft cloth such as a soft towel, gauze, or the like can be used.

4. In the process of parking and reversing of a residential vehicle, if it collides with those hard objects or sharp objects, it will cause damage to the body of the residing vehicle, so it should be reversing and Be cautious when parking, if there is rubbing in the car, you should promptly do a good repair.

5. If you can outdoors in places where you can block the sun from parking your car, you must avoid long-term exposure to the sun in the sun. Because of the prolonged sun exposure of the RV, it is unfavorable to the glazing of the vehicle, and the color of the detachment layer is also greatly affected.

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