Need to pursue innovative configurations on inventory cars

Nowadays, the configuration of the car is getting more and more high-tech, and it is getting more fancy. It is estimated that many vehicle owners do not even understand the configuration features of their cars, because most of the time, some configurations are simply not available for any use, and some configuration functions do not feel enough. The following is a summary of Xiao Bian's views based on the opinions of various riders. The car needs to pursue innovative configurations. Please see below for specific details.


Create demand innovation

1, GPS

Dear God, you must begin to question, what configuration is GPS, which mobile phone can not navigate? Dear guests, and listen to me slowly. The popularization of GPS is absolutely a thing of the past ten years, and GPS is the most widely used point for car navigation, and all multimedia controls in the past five years are GPS-enabled if they can put DVDs. Therefore, GPS is definitely a car configuration, and before this technology is popular, ordinary drivers do not think how to adapt, because at that time we are accustomed to a thick map, then the local tyrants are used to finding a high speed Leading the way.

For GPS, I think there is still a solution to the current demand for pain points, that is, urban roads and highways are updated too quickly, but GPS electronic maps, especially online navigation on mobile phones, solve this problem well.

2. ABS & Airbag

Can you imagine that the ABS or AIR BAG on the buttocks of the car ten years ago was a symbol of high esteem?

Before the advent of ABS and airbags, people do not feel that there is any safety hazard in the car, but after this thing is created, especially now, most people may feel that this car is not open ABS? No airbags are not safe at all! (Although I think that safety awareness and seat belts are the most reliable ~~), I think that market-tested safety configurations such as ABS, airbags, and ESP are important and practical.

Not all configurations with safety flags are important and practical, such as the ease of steep slopes.

Solve the pain point of innovation

1. Parking Sensor & Reverse Image (blind area image)

The appearance of surveillance imaging technology has definitely exceeded 30 years, but the application of imaging technology in vehicles has only been popularized for nearly 5 years. This is the reason why I attribute the reversing image to the innovative configuration to solve the pain points.

I believe that almost ten years ago, almost all new drivers were afraid of their feet when they first reversed their cars. They were afraid that you couldn't see the bag behind the car but there were definitely many new drivers or old drivers listening. When the CD was reversing, the car butt hit the wall. But the popularity of reversing radar and reversing images has made reversing this incident less difficult.

2, car Bluetooth

Bluetooth technology is also a very old technology. With the popularity of smart phones, the popularity of car Bluetooth has become a matter of course. For those who have been using car Bluetooth, you may think this is a standard, but for the old driver who had to drive a car while driving, or to drive a CD in order to listen to the song There is epoch-making significance.

Resolve itch point innovation


1. Automatic headlights & automatic wipers

First of all, I would like to state that this kind of innovation does not mean that it is a tasteless thing. I just divided innovation into different levels. Automatic headlights and automatic wipers I have not used, but I have sat in the car with these two features, and after asking the driver, most of the feedback received is that these two configurations have a certain user viscosity, you You don't think it's inconvenient. You won't find it convenient to use it, but once you use it for a long time, you will have some dependencies on these two configurations.

2, seat heating / ventilation

For the seat heating configuration, I myself have a preset position. My car doesn't have this function, but I have experienced it a few times. The feeling of experiencing it is that this thing is really just the icing on the cake. For most people, there is nothing to do, think of it and use it, but it may not have been used for one year. Of course, if you live in a very cold or hot area, or your waist is not very good (I have seen a poor waist driver put a hot water bottle at the waist to ease back pain), so this configuration is still a certain user stickiness of.

3, memory seat

I attributed this configuration to the innovative configuration to solve the itch because my family now has three drivers driving a car, and each time the driver needs to adjust the seat before and after, even if it is 2 seconds, However, if you can solve this bent down to adjust the seat for 2 seconds, it does solve the user's itch. This is why this configuration has not been the standard for family cars below 30W for so long.

Finally, it is concluded that in these three levels of innovation, the configuration of creating demand-driven innovation is often almost necessary (because there are still 2W blocks of domestically-made trolleys that do not have ABS as standard); the solution to the pain points is often resolved. Nowadays just need, of course, the needs of each individual are also different, so this type of configuration is not all necessary; the final solution to itch innovation is often dispensable, of course, not all tasteless, and they A large part also has a lot of user stickiness.

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