When you have money to buy a car, these configurations can not be installed

Many people think that after buying a new car, they must do some “work” to make the new car more convenient and practical while being better protected. In fact, this is indeed the case. For example, installing a driving recorder, filming the windows, and doing chassis armoring can better protect the chassis... but there are some things that are actually misunderstandings. We don’t have to go after we buy a new car and come back. To do it, let's talk about it with everyone!

1, new car waxing

Many people think that when they buy a new car, they must wax the new car. This way, they can protect the paint surface. In fact, the new car that has just been brought back has no need of waxing, because the new car itself has a layer of protective wax on its lacquer layer. Waxing prematurely will remove the original wax from the surface of the new car, causing unnecessary waste. In general, the new car does not need to rush to wax in five months.

2, install navigation

When many people bought a model without navigation, they first thought about installing a navigation system. Indeed, large screens, navigation, and multi-functions seemed to be high. In fact, many friends around us are feedback. There is no mobile phone navigation to update the car navigation information. In some places, roads are closed due to road construction or other reasons. Car navigation may not be able to display, and it always takes a lot of road trips.

Therefore, instead of wasting money to install a car navigation system that is not appropriate for use, it is better to install a mobile phone support on the car. This will not affect driving because of the need to adjust the position of the mobile phone. It is safe and practical.

3, install mudguards

The role of the fender is to prevent the mud from the wheels from splashing onto the vehicle body while the vehicle is moving, so that the child car will not be so easily dirty... In fact, almost all cars are now driving in the city. What is there? Mud can be said that even if you install the rain and snow weather is actually not useful, the dirty or dirty, but also affect the appearance, increase fuel consumption, so that driving noise becomes larger.

Even if you occasionally go to the mountain, don't you have to wash your car after you come back? Therefore, the role of fenders is a bit minimal.

4, increase the standard gasoline

Some people think that buying a new car, it is best to increase the standard gasoline, such as adding 92 is OK, have to add a few boxes of 95 running first, in their view, this is good for the new engine. Actually, this is completely unnecessary. Because when manufacturers produce this engine, they consider low-grade gasoline. They are suitable for using low-grade gasoline. They are not saying that they cannot use high-grade gasoline. It is unnecessary to do so. It is not only a waste of money, but the frequent replacement of gasoline with different labels will adversely affect the stability of the engine's performance.

5, plus seat cover

Many people like to add a seat cover to a car seat. The purpose of this is to make the original car seat less contaminated, and it is also easy to replace the wash. In fact, the installation of the seat cover is not anxious. After all, the new car has a heavy odor. It is not easy to install the seat cover so that the harmful gas of the new car can be emitted. It would be better to buy some charcoal packs or air purifiers to get rid of odors, so that women may even love to sit in your car!

6, the engine pulls high speed

Pulling high-speed, according to the literal meaning is very easy to misunderstand to run high-speed, in fact, not, pull high-speed means to increase the engine speed, let the engine get a better run-in.

The new car pulls up the engine speed to adjust the performance of the engine. Now the automobile manufacturing process is mature, the precision of the vehicle processing is higher than that of the current year, and the factory has already undergone refinement processing such as running-in, and it does not need to pull the high speed to run zero as before. Parts, so normal driving is the best fit.

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