Newly-laid tiles are easy to slip by water

Tiles are now widely used in the home floor decoration, bright and clean tiles, both to maintain the clean of the home floor, but also a good home decoration. However, apart from being beautiful in our decoration, safety must be ranked first, especially for families with old people and children. There must be no potential safety hazards, and the most likely safety hazard is the floor tiles. Most consumers now use non-slip tiles for paving this safety hazard. Here's a good way to see if the tiles are slip-resistant.

First, try to buy non-slip tiles at the very beginning. Non-slip tiles are slightly more expensive than ordinary tiles, but these costs are also worth paying for the convenience of living and the health of the family.

Secondly, if the home has already been tiled but not non-slip tiles, we must think of ways to do anti-skid treatment. For example, you can apply non-slip mats, non-slip carpets, floor singeing, etc. These non-slip anti-skid measures are also good, the drawback is that it is very troublesome to use, should always change the cleaning, and the cost of each replacement is not low, so it is very troublesome Costly.

Also, special methods are used to handle tiles. The net anti-slip agent can be directly applied to the floor tiles. The ground is permanently non-slip. The construction method is very simple. Clean the floor, apply the paint for 10-20 minutes, and then clean it. The construction time is also short, the average family can be completed as long as 1-2 hours, can be used after the construction is completed.
Anti-slip treatment of vitrified tiles This is a high-temperature fired porcelain tile, which is the hardest of all tiles. Polished bricks are made after the polishing of bricks, and their hardness is also very high. Both are hard materials. However, this material surface is very bright and delicate. In general, the color is lighter. In addition to the method of porcelain glazed tiles, the surface effects and changes must also be considered. According to this, we treat it as a soft material to avoid causing variegation and reduce extinction and staining. Garbage phenomenon. Therefore, the coating needs to be uniform (concentration, thickness), and cannot move on the surface. The use of anti-slip matching liquid and anti-slip liquid can appropriately increase the dilution, and the moisturizing time is relatively shortened.

Anti-slip treatment of homogeneous bricks The so-called homogeneous brick refers to the same material as the surface, the bottom and the middle. It can be divided into three colors: ephedra, hemp green, and mahogany. The surface of the new brick may be coated with a layer of oil, which belongs to the hard material. Anti-slip treatment produces gloss, color, and less chance of rubbing. It is not necessary to dilute the anti-skid solution and anti-slip solution. Consider using 2-3 times of antiskid solution.
Most of the irregular floor tiles found in the market are “non-slip tiles” and “antique bricks”, but they belong to the type of whole body bricks (which are “seepage flower body bricks”). When drying, they have a certain anti-slip effect. This is a majority. The glazed porcelain tile is a neutral material, but we treat it as a soft material, because the bump coated anti-slip solution will stay on the groove surface, and the convex surface will not work completely. It can be constructed by soaking and covering with cotton cloth.This method can also be adopted when the slope surface is extended around the bottom of the bathtub.
Deep color floor tiles and ground stone, especially black color, should be handled with care. Must consider the change of color, because the color may be lighter and the degree of anti-skid effect is proportional to the severity, and the customer's mentality or desire often requires neither affect the color (beautiful), but also anti-skid effect is good, in fact, a contradiction between the two , It is easy to cause differences between the supply and demand sides, of course, some customers only make unilateral requirements, then the treatment is relatively sure, otherwise, according to the material and site conditions according to the norms of professional treatment (Master coating rules, anti-skid fluid concentration, moisturizing Time, etc.) or with the customer may be a problem that may arise, but also with the customer to explain the importance of mainly non-slip and after treatment in the visual unity.

Greasy heavy ground anti-skid treatment generally greasy place, such as kitchen, hot pot floor anti-slip treatment of these places, the key lies in the pre-cleaning work, the ground oil must be thoroughly cleaned. The method can be dissolved with hot water and alkali at about 70 °C, or diluted with soap or porcelain surface cleanser (oil stained net), diluted and sprayed on the ground, and then washed with clean water, scraped or dried. If necessary, use this method to clean it again, and then follow the “non-slip construction process” according to the different floor materials. The appearance of these places is not the most attention, and anti-skid treatment can be emphasized.
Ground anti-skid treatment before going to wax general high-end places, such as: star hotel lobby, shopping malls and other waxing ground (referring to solid waxing), anti-skid treatment before going to use wax water to wax, because cleaning is not easy to ground wax layer Removing it will cause variegation after anti-slip treatment and cause quality problems. If waxing the ground, water wax has little effect on anti-skid treatment.
The anti-slip treatment of marble has many suggestions for friends who are good at engineering. Shenzhen Jiebang Ground Treatment Center has many years of experience in dealing with stone materials. It is recommended not to use anti-slip agent directly. The marble surface is harder after polishing, and its inner layer is softer. For soft materials, non-slip handling does not work, and handling heavy causes discoloration, so care must be taken. If the interior is recommended to use stone polishing and non-slip material, it will not affect the stone. (From the original clean network, reproduced please note)

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