Liyang mold industry closely integrated with the development needs of auto parts

The “Five-Year Plan for the Mould Manufacturing Industry in Xiangyang City” pointed out that the Shuyang Mould Industry will closely integrate the development needs of the city’s auto parts and equipment manufacturing industries, speed up the introduction and cultivation of leading mold manufacturing companies, and focus on the development of high-end automotive matching fields. Car cover molds and multi-station high-precision stamping dies, large-scale precision casting molds, high-strength and high-toughness high temperature resistant composite material forming molds, and high-tech molds in other fields. Specifically include five aspects:

Support the development of existing mold enterprises and improve the local matching rate. We will vigorously promote the development of the entire vehicle and core components industry, and focus on the development of related molds in the automotive industry. Cultivate and support leading enterprises, and vigorously support key projects such as Jielitong Precision and Yong Arms to become bigger and stronger. We will actively promote the specialization of molds and standardize production, and form an industrial chain with effective collaboration, resource sharing, and complementary advantages.

Improve the level of mold technology, improve product technology content. Actively promote the development of enterprises to “big and strong” and “small and specialized”, and support key enterprises such as China Aviation Precision Machinery, Haofeng Mould, and Rayleigh Mould to improve their technical level and industry leading capability. Further improve the technological innovation system that combines production, education and research, encourage enterprises to increase R&D investment and technological transformation, accelerate equipment and process renewal, cultivate skilled talents, use information technology to improve mold design and manufacturing technology and equipment, and actively promote molds. Production information, digitization, refinement, automation, and standardization improve product quality and enhance core competitiveness.

Accelerate the cultivation of market players and promote the transformation and upgrading of enterprises. Change the status of self-produced and self-provisioned mold products, encourage equipment manufacturing companies to separate the mold branch (workshop), and become an independent market entity to actively participate in market competition and improve the utilization rate of mold processing equipment. At the same time, enterprises, enterprises, and research institutes are encouraged to join forces across regions, industries, and industries.

Promote the construction of characteristic industrial parks and promote cluster development. We will promote the planning and construction of the high-tech zone mold industry park, support it through preferential policies, and guide mold enterprises to gather in the park. Formulate the investment attraction policy for the mold industry park, improve the investment targeting, undertake the transfer of coastal industries, and form a clustered development pattern. At the same time, through the integration of products, information links, and technology service chains, we have formed a mold industry cluster that integrates design, R&D, production, training, supply of standard parts, and logistics to promote each other's development.

Promote the wide application of information technology and promote the development of mold industry. We will further promote the integration of information technology and industrialization, vigorously develop e-commerce, and promote the application of information technology to mold R&D, design, manufacturing, production management, and marketing. According to the market-based management mechanism and networked operation principle, a networked mold design and manufacturing service platform is established to realize resource sharing of process data, standards and specifications, manpower and manufacturing equipment, provide effective technical support and application services, and shorten the design and manufacturing cycle. Comprehensively improve the ability of enterprise innovation and market competitiveness.

Transparency & clear plastic housing

The transparency of the plastic injection transparent shell matrix resin itself has a great influence on the transparency of PP plastic products. In order to improve PP transparency, a small amount of polyacrylate resin with good transparency and compatibility can be added.

(1) the inorganic nucleating agent mainly consists of ultra-fine talc powder and SiO2, and also includes calcium carbonate, mica powder, inorganic pigments and fillers, etc., which is cheap in price and rich in source, but has certain influence on the gloss and transparency of the products.

(2) organic nucleating agent organic nucleating agent is a kind of organics with low relative molecular weight, represented by sorbitol and its derivatives. It has good compatibility with matrix resin and can significantly improve product transparency and surface gloss.

(3) in the case of sorbitol, when the amount of nucleating agent exceeds 0.3%, the effect of transparency improvement is not obvious, and even decreases. However, when the dosage is less than 0.2%, the nucleation quantity is insufficient and the transparency is not increased enough. It can be seen that the amount of nucleating agent should be between 0.2-0.3%. Therefore, suitable nucleating agent content can better improve the transparency of PP.

Plastic Injection Clear Housing

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