Liuqi brings Balong M7 to focus on the transformation of road transport

The Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei integrated national strategy has proposed new ideas for regional economic development. As one of the regions with the most intensive logistics and transportation networks, the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei large-scale freight network is also facing challenges. At the “Transformation 2014. Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Forum” held on August 22, new ideas on how freight logistics has evolved emerged. As the logistics industry faces the challenge of change, truck manufacturers, which are closely related to the logistics industry, must adapt quickly to the transformation of the logistics industry. Dongfeng Liuqi believes this is an opportunity.

â–  Change of Product: Focus on Technological Innovation

Logistics can not be separated from the car, so the transformation of the logistics industry has a great impact on truck companies. According to Zeng Wei, assistant to the general manager of Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile Sales Co., Ltd., with the development of the logistics industry towards intensive and professional development, high-end special semi-trailers for professional transportation will become the mainstream of market development. The medium-duty trucks are closely related to the daily consumer goods transportation. With the advancement of urbanization, this demand has brought about a larger market growth space. Heavy-duty trucks continue to shift to the towing vehicle market as road conditions improve.

How to promote the transformation of logistics companies from the technological innovation of trucks is an important direction for Dongfeng Liuzhou to explore. Zeng Wei summarized Dongfeng Liuzhou's truck technology innovations as follows: Safely manage the fleet, improve vehicle transportation efficiency, and optimize cost management. Dongfeng Liuzhou’s technological innovation is also based on this idea. It is reported that the proportion of oil costs in the use of long-distance transportation tractors is about 46%. On this basis, the price of oil will increase by 2% to 3% for each 10% increase in oil costs. Zeng Wei believes that the technical development of road freight vehicles today is mainly reflected in two aspects: in terms of vehicle performance, focus on safety, fuel economy, efficiency, and comfort, and should also be assisted management, including safety, fleet and operation management.

In product design, Dongfeng Liuyao optimized the design through wind resistance, cooperated with Cummins of the United States, and optimized the wind tunnel test with NASA. The air resistance coefficient of the cab of Balong M7 was reduced by 6%, and the fuel consumption of the entire vehicle was reduced at 100 km/h. 3%. In addition to the outside of the cab, the car wind resistance has also been optimized. In the design of the car box, the technology of the cross grain box is matched with the small flow hood, and the fuel consumption per 100 kilometers is expected to save more than 3%.

Fleet management mainly aims to reduce fuel consumption by reducing driver's bad operation. Through terminal data accumulation, the driver's digital operation standard is formulated.

â–  Change of plan: pushing private customization
According to relevant data, the value added value of China's logistics industry in GDP has remained at around 6.8% in recent years. The high growth has accelerated the transformation of traditional transportation and warehousing industries into modern logistics, and the fields of manufacturing logistics, trade and logistics, and e-commerce logistics have shown growth.

Concerned about product technology and product quality is Dongfeng Liu Gas has always insisted for decades. In recent years, in the context of the transformation of the logistics industry, Dongfeng Liuzhou also accelerated the pace of marketing transformation, from the "sell product" to the "sales program" transformation, increase the attention to the market, in particular, increase the investment in service fittings, The introduction of the advantage of supporting plants, and steadily improve product quality, enhance customer satisfaction, in order to build their own brand core competitiveness.

According to reports, Dongfeng Liuqi has introduced the popular "private customization" concept for more targeted customer service. Through the collection of vehicle operating data and routes, and through corresponding technical analysis, the transport vehicle used by the user is optimized to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.

â–  Service Change: Creating Effective Services

The quality of service is also an important part of the logistics transportation revolution. It is reported that for services that are generally highly regarded by users, Dongfeng Liuzhou Auto will use its high-efficiency service alliance to aggregate provincial, inter-provincial, and traffic trunk service organizations so as to create a highly efficient and efficient service circle and improve service efficiency. At the same time, we will build a “3+N” accessory security system with accessories, core service stations, and vehicle dealers as its core to ensure adequate supply of accessories. At present, Dongfeng Liuzhou has 950 service outlets all over the country.

According to report, after nearly two years of continuous work in logistics express delivery, hazardous chemicals transportation and other fields, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile ranked second in the share of express logistics car market, and the market share of dangerous chemicals transport vehicles was about 8%. . On the basis of maintaining the traditional advantages of the dumping and trucking market, Dongfeng Liuzhou Automobile has successfully cut into high-end logistics market segments such as express logistics, environmental sanitation vehicles, and hazardous chemicals transportation, and the proportion of road transport vehicles has steadily increased.

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