Drug Extraction Ultrasonic Cleaner Features

Drug Extraction Ultrasonic Cleaner Features 1, no high temperature. In the 40 °C -50 °C water temperature F ultrasonic enhanced extraction, no boiling high temperature, does not destroy some of the Chinese medicinal materials with thermal instability, easy hydrolysis or oxidation characteristics of the efficacy of the ingredients. Ultrasound can promote plant cell wall breaking and improve the efficacy of Chinese medicine.

2. Atmospheric pressure extraction is safe, easy to operate and easy to maintain.

3, high extraction efficiency. The best extraction rate can be achieved with ultrasonic enhanced extraction for 20-40 minutes. The extraction time is only one-third or less of the boiled and alcohol-settled method. The extraction is sufficient and the amount of extraction is more than twice that of the conventional method. According to statistics, ultrasonic work efficiency is very high at 65-70oC. However, the active ingredients of Chinese herbal medicines at a temperature of 65oC were basically not damaged. After adding ultrasonic waves (at 65 degrees), the plant active ingredient extraction time was about 40 minutes. The cooking time of cooking method usually takes two to three hours, which is more than three times of the ultrasonic extraction time.

4, with a broad spectrum. Wide applicability, most of the various ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine can be ultrasonic extraction.

5. The ultrasonic extractor has little to do with the nature of the solvent and target extract (eg, polarity). Therefore, there are many types of extraction solvents available and a wide range of target extracts.

6, reduce energy consumption. Since ultrasonic extraction does not require heating or a low heating temperature and a short extraction time, energy consumption is greatly reduced.

7. The amount of raw materials for medicinal materials is large, which can be increased by several or several times, with few impurities, and the active ingredients can be easily separated and purified.

8, the extraction process is low cost, significant comprehensive economic benefits

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