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In addition to the buffering effect of the truck suspension system, leaf springs also take on the role of guiding all the forces and moments that are transmitted, as well as determining the trajectory of the wheel movement. Compared to the air bag type suspension, the leaf spring is widely used in trucks due to its simple structure, low cost, and convenient maintenance.


In the course of vehicle operation, abnormal use and lack of a good sense of maintenance can lead to premature damage to the leaf spring. The following is a summary of the causes of damage to leaf springs and how to reduce the occurrence of such situations.

● Long-term vehicle overload


The leaf spring is designed according to the loading quality of the vehicle's design. If the leaf spring is overloaded for a long time during operation, the leaf spring will be subjected to excessive bending stress, which will reduce the fatigue strength of the leaf spring and will easily cause breakage. Overloading not only damages the leaf spring, but also causes early damage to the engine and drive train components and excessive wear on the tires.

Suggestion: Try to ensure that the vehicle is not biased or overloaded and that the vehicle's performance is properly exerted.

● The speed is too high


The vehicles are driven at an economic speed, which ensures safety and saves fuel. Some vehicles have excessively high traveling speeds, and especially when traveling on bad roads, the deformation of the leaf springs is increased and the frequency is increased, causing leaf springs to accelerate fatigue and damage. This is reflected in the dump truck. Dump trucks are mostly operated on earth and stone construction sites, and the road conditions are poor. Individual drivers are apt to pursue economic efficiency, overload, and high-speed driving to accelerate fatigue and cause damage.

Recommendation: In bad roads, you should drive at a low speed. Pay particular attention to the fact that when the vehicle is passing through the ditch, slow down in advance and stop the ditch with brakes.

● Frequent use of emergency braking


Frequent use of emergency brakes can also cause serious damage to leaf springs. When emergency braking is applied, due to the inertial force, the center of gravity of the vehicle moves forward, and the leaf spring is subjected to excessive bending stress and tensile stress, especially the front leaf spring. Anti-bow is already overloaded and emergency braking is adopted. When the stress and tensile stress increase rapidly and exceed the prescribed range, they are prone to fracture.

Recommendation: The speed of the vehicle should be smooth and smooth to avoid sudden braking and emergency stop.

● Detour speed


When the vehicle turns, it will produce large centrifugal force, such as turning too quickly, will produce excessive centrifugal force. Increase the load of the leaf spring outside the vehicle, resulting in deformation, resulting in the vehicle leaf spring outside the force is too large, fatigue and fracture .

Suggestion: The speed should be decelerated when turning, and the best is low speed and medium speed. This is safe and reliable, and it can also reduce the failure of the vehicle.

● Loose U-shaped studs


Loosening the U-bolts of the leaf springs and failing to fasten them in time will not only cause an increase in the load on the main leaf spring sheet, but also lead to a series of failures such as trembling of the vehicle, steering and trembling, and endangering driving safety.

Suggestion: When the vehicle is driving a certain mileage, the maintenance and inspection of the vehicle should be strengthened, and the loose bolts should be fastened in time.

● Postscript:

Seemingly simple leaf springs play a crucial role for trucks. Some of the incentives and solutions mentioned above for leaf springs are damaged. It is hoped that in the process of maintaining the car, the followers of the card will be able to prevent the failure of the leaf spring in advance and avoid unnecessary maintenance expenses.

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