Precautions for the use of small cement mixers

The cement mixer truck is one of the commonly used vehicles in the construction project. The entire vehicle body consists of an automobile chassis, a mixing barrel, and a transmission system. Cement mixers, also known as concrete mixers, are vehicles used to stir and transport cement concrete. Cement mixers should comply with the instructions for use when used. The following will focus on the matters needing attention in the use of cement mixers.

Before the use of the new cement mixer truck , a thorough and thorough inspection shall be carried out, and professional drivers shall be invited to test the vehicle. Only when all the indicators and driving conditions meet the standards can they be used on the road. According to the difference in the quality and capacity of the cement mixer truck, the capacity limit should be calculated before use, and cement concrete that exceeds the load carrying capacity of the vehicle body should not be transported more than once to avoid danger. When the mixer truck is parked in the open space, the mixing drum should be reversed before loading, and the cleanliness of the concrete can be contaminated with waste water or debris from the mixing drum, affecting the project quality. In the process of transportation, the body should be securely secured, and the fixed hooks should be securely hung in order to avoid falling off or throwing material during the driving process, causing accidents and affecting the safe operation of pedestrians and vehicles. When vehicles pass through dangerous roads such as bridges, tunnels, and warehouses, they should pay attention to the height limit and weight limit signs of roads so as not to damage the body of the mixer truck and damage the road surface. When loading and unloading the mixer truck, workers should wear protective equipment, such as masks, dust-proof clothing, dust caps, etc. Since cement lime is a dust-based raw material, inhalation of the human body can cause lung damage, and cement products Alkalescence is more harmful to the skin, so workers should pay attention to protecting their bodies during work.

Because the cement mixer needs to bear a large amount of weight while working, the overall quality and strength of the vehicle body are required to be high. The concrete chassis of the vehicle must be selected with reliable and reliable quality, and the failure rate is low, the maintenance is simple and the maintenance cost is low. Type, vehicle users should also do regular maintenance of the vehicle.

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