What is the relationship between smart manufacturing and robots?

After the two concepts of "Made in China 2025" and "Industry 4.0" were put forward, "smart manufacturing" became a hot topic and attracted everyone's attention. Many people think of robots as soon as they mention smart manufacturing, and think that intelligent manufacturing is the reference to robots on the production line. We should not understand simplistic, one-sided understanding of intelligent manufacturing, but must understand its meaning more profoundly. Experts say that robots do not mean smart manufacturing. The core of smart manufacturing is not robots. So, what exactly is smart manufacturing? What is the relationship between smart manufacturing and robots?

What is smart manufacturing?

Intelligent manufacturing is actually a human-machine integrated intelligent system composed of intelligent machines and human experts. It can perform intelligent activities in the manufacturing process, such as analysis, reasoning, judgment, conception and decision-making. Through the cooperation of humans and intelligent machines, we expand, extend, and partially replace the mental work of human experts in the manufacturing process. It extends the concept of manufacturing automation to flexible, intelligent and highly integrated.

In recent years, intelligent manufacturing is emerging in the world. It is the inevitable development of manufacturing technology, especially the development of manufacturing information technology, and is the result of the deepening of automation and integration technology. Under the new situation, smart manufacturing must break the traditional development model and use innovative thinking to drive the intelligent transformation of manufacturing.

For enterprises, to truly realize intelligent manufacturing, production technology and production equipment are not problems, the key lies in people's thinking. Enterprises should break the traditional concept, take the initiative to use innovative new thinking, regard innovation as the core asset, actively develop the enterprise production model and business model, and complete the process of intelligent transformation. Zhang Shengfei, chairman of Shanghai Shenghua Cable, believes that intelligent manufacturing is an intelligent, technological and information innovation process that is deeply integrated. Each company must combine its own actual conditions with international standards, and carry out targeted technological innovation, transformation and upgrading. So as not to useless work.

Smart manufacturing does not equal robots

We must correctly understand the relationship between intelligent manufacturing and robots. In simple terms, robots are within the scope of smart manufacturing, while smart manufacturing does not include robots entirely.

Some companies believe that robotic substitution is smart manufacturing. In recent years, it is during the vigorous development of the robotics industry that the introduction and application of industrial robots is now the “trend” of the manufacturing industry. However, this does not mean that robots are smart manufacturing, and smart manufacturing and robots do not draw equal signs. Smart manufacturing is conceptually superior to robot substitution. It should be the embodiment of intelligence and digitization of the entire life cycle, from product design, production, processing, service to after-sales service. It can only be said that robots are an important and special carrier for intelligent manufacturing and an important enabling device for intelligent manufacturing.

Zhu Hai, Executive Vice President of Schneider Electric Global, said that the core of smart manufacturing is not robots. Its core is the interconnection of production equipment. The essence is to open the black box in the manufacturing process and make all the invisible things transparent. Simply purchase smart devices.

In recent years, smart manufacturing has become a highly-regarded industry and bears the important task of achieving high-end manufacturing transformation and upgrading in China. The robot is an important part of intelligent manufacturing, and it is a representative of high-end intelligent equipment. We can start with robots, promote the automation and intelligence of our industrial manufacturing process through the promotion and application of robots in the industrial field, and actively develop manufacturing. Industry transformation and upgrading.

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