Olympic Bell Tanker Advantage

Fukuda brand cars are more affected by the general public likes, and therefore also no strangers Fukuda Ollin, which contrast the tanker market has some additional advantages brand. This article tells everyone where the advantages are reflected in?

One: super bearing capacity

The chassis components of Ao Ling tanker trucks are fully optimized and innovated according to the heavy truck technology. With such a chassis, the reliability of the Ao Ling tanker truck is further enhanced; the material is also very important. The titanium steel is used. Special new materials, so that the frame strength increased by 52% or more;

Second: high security

All materials and production processes of Ao Ling tanker have reached the European safety regulations ECE R29 eligibility criteria. Moreover, it is currently the only domestic Light truck body assembly that is designed and developed based on ergonomics. It is different from other tanker vehicles in that it has a blind spot phenomenon, and the panoramic vision is wide.

Three: wider body

The actual outside width of the Oyster tanker cab is 2050mm, which is 10cm wider than traditional light trucks. It is the widest cab in its class, and the front row can easily ride 3 people. The loading is easy;

Four: high comfort

Many tank trucks are not comfortable in driving, and some are also prone to fatigue. This is the most deadly. Therefore, in order to improve the comfort of drivers, Ao Ling Tanker has adopted a new model of the dashboard, a soft car interior, a humanized operating system, and a proprietary suspension system for the cab. The noise effect is better, driving feels like a car, comfortable high-density seats, and the length of driving is not fatigued.

Five: high performance

The rear axle of a tanker truck is also of great importance. Some brand rear axles are produced using common technology. However, the rear axle of the Austrian Bell brand is the introduction of the British Lotus technology to optimize, the key gear reflects the characteristics of fine grinding, high torque capacity; main reducer assembly uses compressible spacer, to improve the service life and noise indicators; rear axle master slave The use of an optimized Gleason-made progressive gear reduces the noise significantly.

The quality of a tanker depends not only on the quality of the chassis, but also on the top-loading part. A high-quality chassis with a reliable quality top part can optimize the performance of the vehicle. If you want to buy a tanker can learn more about the performance of different brands, it is best to allow buyers to have a test ride experience manufacturers, so as to better understand the tanker for your brand.

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