How to carry out the equipment management of scenic tourist vehicles

The tourist vehicles in the scenic area do not only carry waves of tourists, but these vehicles also represent the safety and harmony within the scenic area. Therefore, whether the relevant departments have systematically conducted the management of these facilities means that we are responsible for these tourists. Then let's take a look at what is the content of a qualified area for the management of these devices?


First, the brake system management

The most important thing about a car is the brake system, which represents a straw that can save the lives of the entire car at a crucial moment. The maintenance of the brake system on a weekday is not to be underestimated, if you really find problems in the process of driving is late. Workers need to regularly check the amount of oil in the brake oil tank. When the oil in the oil tank is less than 1/3, it must be refueled immediately. The position of the oil tank is generally in the upper left corner of the instrument panel or inside the seat frame. In addition, it is also necessary to check the status of the brake pipe and the fixed points of the frame. If the time is too long and the phenomenon of detachment occurs, it is necessary to take timely protective measures.

Second, the analysis of grease

Long-term use of sightseeing vehicles may cause deterioration of lubricating grease due to external factors during the operation of the equipment. In order to prevent this phenomenon, the staff should regularly perform filtration analysis and laboratory tests to ensure the quality of the lubricant. When it is detected that it does not meet the requirements of use, it is timely to replace the grease, so as to ensure the smooth flow of oil.

Third, the management of equipment defects

Many scenic spotlights may have defects on various devices. At this time, maintenance personnel should record details in the logbook so that other colleagues can follow up further. If defects are found, corresponding measures must be taken to ensure that the dedicated staff is responsible for preventing the further expansion of defects. If these issues have been dealt with in a timely manner, the staff still needs to strengthen their observation in the later period and follow up on this issue. Any small problem on a tourist bus cannot be ignored because it becomes a big problem in the process of driving.

After reading this article, it is now clear that the relevant departments of the scenic spot include what parts of the tourist vehicle equipment management in the scenic area.

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