Revolutionary innovation commemorates the birth of Michelin radial tires

In the late 1930s, Michelin 's researcher Marius Mignol devised a concept product that replaced sidewalls of tires with meridian metal that was widely spaced. The unique design of this prototype tire was known in the industry as a fly cage. A number of tests and measurements have shown that such tires have excellent tread heat dissipation, while traditional bias tires tend to generate and accumulate most of the heat on the tire sidewalls during movement. The Michelin Group firmly believes that the prospects for this kind of radial tire technology are bright.

During World War II, the study of this technique was still carried out secretly in France. On June 4, 1946, Michelin applied for the "X" radial tire patent for this technology. A few years later, the superiority of radial tires became apparent.

Radial tires change the world

Michelin has never been innovative for innovation. Today, just as it was when it was founded, Michelin has always been committed to making human mobility better, safer and more efficient, while at the same time improving people’s driving pleasure and paying attention to the protection of the environment. As road usage increases, vehicles must be safer and they must also be more fuel efficient.

The superior performance of radial tires maximizes the economic benefits for users. Compared with traditional bias tires, the Michelin X radial tire has more advantages: better grip performance, stronger resistance to abrasion and scratching, longer service life, and better driving comfort. Better fuel economy, and lower cost of use.

Card Passenger Car Meridian Tire Revolution

In 1952, Michelin introduced the first radial passenger car tire, which brought a revolution to the transportation industry. Since then, Michelin's X radial tire technology has completely changed the road transport industry, and has driven other tire manufacturers to transition to radial tires together. Michelin's innovation has made the transportation industry safer and more efficient. This year marks the 60th anniversary of the launch of the Michelin Card Passenger Car Tire. Although the economic and development conditions of each country are different, it can be said that the entire world market is shifting toward radial tires. We are proud of this!

As a pioneer in the tire industry, Michelin has never stopped the pace of innovation. We have been committed to providing comprehensive solutions to the challenges facing the transportation industry. In the economical environment where the pattern changes, competition is fierce, and business declines drastically, the transport companies now have two major concerns: how to transport goods safely and in a timely manner through reliable vehicles, and ensure the stable development of the company's business on the basis of satisfying customer requirements? At the same time how to ensure optimal costs, especially fuel costs and vehicle maintenance costs?

Faced with such confusion in the transportation industry, Michelin has made innovations in the following three aspects in terms of products and services:

A comprehensive solution that makes the card bus safer. Michelin's truck and bus tires provide better grip, abrasion resistance and puncture resistance. This means that goods and people are more secure. For Michelin, innovation means improving the overall performance of the tire.

An integrated solution that lowers the cost of trucks and buses. More fuel-efficient, longer mileage, and "many lives." Reduce the cost of the user by improving the performance of different aspects of the tire.

A comprehensive solution that supports sustainable development. For Michelin, tire performance and manufacturing technology are inseparable. In terms of tire performance, strong fuel economy means that CO2 emissions are reduced, long service life means driving the same mileage, and tire usage is reduced (especially the InfiniCoil technology's outstanding contribution in this area). As for the manufacturing process, Michelin tire manufacturing plants have passed ISO14001 certification.


Meridian Technology Applied to Tyres of Various Vehicles

In order to fully prepare for the revolution of the radial tires, Michelin expanded the radial tires to other types of vehicles. Since the launch of Michelin's first radial passenger car tire in 1952, the first construction machine radial tire was introduced in 1959. In 1981, Michelin introduced radial tires for aircraft. Then, in 1984, the radial tires for motorcycles were introduced. They were initially developed specifically for racing motorcycles, but the technology was quickly promoted to ordinary vehicles. Michelin introduced the A59X/M59X series in 1987. A new standard has been established for the grip performance of tires. The advent of this tire is tantamount to revolutionizing the motorcycle world. This has led to many innovations in motorcycle engines and other components.

Today, twenty-five years later, Michelin's product still does not stop its innovation. Among the new series of Michelin products to be launched in 2013, there are four new motorcycle radial tires: Michelin PowerSuperSport, Michelin PilotPower3, Michelin Anakee3 and Michelin PilotStreetradial. These four products will appear throughout the world, on the roads in Southeast Asia, on the roads in South America, and on the roads in Europe.

Since Michelin introduced radial tire technology into motorcycles 25 years ago, other important innovations have come one after another and continue to meet the needs of today's drivers. These innovations include the introduction of silica components in the manufacture of tires, Michelin double composite technology and so on.

For Michelin, the challenge is to simultaneously improve the performance of the tire in several areas, such as grip, tread life, durability, resistance to damage, fuel economy, and more. The advantage of Michelin is that it never sacrifices another performance because it improves one of the properties of the tire. This is why the overall performance of Michelin tires is excellent, which is also the hallmark of Michelin products. For Michelin, "leading the way to progress" is a consistent pursuit.

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