Zhongtong "Century Star" passed provincial technical appraisal

On November 28th, the Zhongtong Generation Walker Technology Appraisal Meeting was held at the Southern Suburb Guest House in Jinan. The meeting was chaired by Changjiang Cheng, the Bureau of Traffic and Transportation Bureau of Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation. Gao Hongtao, deputy director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation, attended the meeting and served as the director of the technical appraisal committee. Sun Qingmin, the leader of the Shanghai Jiaotong Group and general manager of Zhongtong Bus Holdings Co., Ltd., attended the meeting.

Wang Bo, Director of Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation delivered a speech

Gao Hongtao, Deputy Director of the Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation attended the conference

Zhao Cunzhu, Director of Public Security Department, Shandong Provincial Department of Transportation

Leaders and experts from the participating groups visited the prototype and took a personal experience

Sun Qingmin, General Manager of Zhongtong Bus Holdings Co., Ltd. introduces Century Star to guests

Sun Qingmin, general manager of Zhongtong Bus attended the conference

Before the start of the conference, the participating leaders and experts visited the prototype vehicle and took a personal experience. They highly appreciated and affirmed the safety and comfort of the prototype.

Gao Gaozhang pointed out in his speech that the emergence of a sleeping car was a product that came into being when the sleeper bus was about to exit the market. Its appearance was an impetus for the transformation and upgrading of sleeper passengers. Under the background, the development of a sleeping car is an innovation that advances with the times, and has a positive role in promoting the safety, comfort and economy of ultra-long-distance passenger cars. After the leaders and experts at the meeting fully discussed, they believed that this product made up for the gap in domestic long-distance passenger transportation and reached the domestic advanced level in terms of safety, comfort and intelligent management, and could be put on the market.

Based on the thorough investigation of the domestic long-distance passenger transport market, Zhongtong Bus accurately judges the market trend and customer demand, strengthens technical basic research, and develops the “Century Star” that replaces the model Zhongtong Coach, which leads the market demand. The introduction of this model not only provided new vehicle options for ultra-long-distance passenger transport, but also provided new operational ideas for passenger transport companies, and at the same time provided an opportunity for the transformation of sleeper passenger transport. The Zhongtong generation of passenger cars is the first case in China and has become a classic of Zhongtong bus technology innovation. It will also lead the Chinese bus industry to pay more attention to the safety and intelligent management of vehicles, thus providing exceeding-customer expectations for ultra-long-distance passenger transport. Ideal alternative.

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