What precautions should be taken when building lightning protection and grounding?

1. Lightning rods or lightning protection strips should be installed on the roof of high-rise buildings to protect buildings and roofing equipment.
2, lightning protection zone should be more than φ10 galvanized round steel, using bracket clips fixed, not T welding, the bracket should have sufficient strength and a good galvanized layer.
3. The distance between the straight sections of the frame is 0.5 to 1m. It should be symmetrical at right angle bends and 300 to 500mm away from the bend. The height of the bracket is 150mm.
4. The compensator shall be provided for the thunder belt across the deformation joint room of the building.
5. The lightning protection zone should be straight and the galvanized layer should be in good condition. The joints should be double-sided welding with a lap length of 6 times the diameter.
6, welding, welding mouth must be anti-corrosion treatment.
The installation of the lightning conductor and the support frame shall be planned and set in the magnetic plate gap or the magnetic plate.
The height is: 120-150mm (take 150mm as well)

7. Lightning protection grounding Set a test point 500 mm away from the ground. Quantity according to design drawings.
8. The roof grounding trunk should be led directly from the grounding device. The grounding trunk and the branch line should be grounded with a reliable and non-detachable permanent connection.
9, roof equipment, all components, all pipelines, metal stents, electrical equipment, metal shell must be reliably connected with the grounding trunk.
10, protective grounding line must be connected in parallel, not in series.
11. The joints of the ground wire should be welded, and the length of the round steel joints should be 6 times the length of the lap joint. Both sides should be welded. Flat steel lap length 2 times the width, three sides welding.
12. A compensation device shall be provided when crossing a deformation joint of a building.
Roof pipe device jumper bracket grounded correctly

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