Two forms of production of aluminum in ore

In the mineral dressing process apparatus, mainly aluminum ore output in two forms: one crystal integrity, fine inclusions was slightly brown iron ore disseminated in or along the edge of the mosaic limonite, mainly boehmite (gibbsite and diaspore), the granules are 10~50μm, and their X-ray energy spectrum analysis. The second is a point-like dispersion of iron minerals, which is mainly in the form of isomorphism in the iron minerals, and its x-ray energy spectrum analysis. The aluminum-aluminum mineral contains iron, and the iron mineral contains aluminum, which is embedded in each other, which is not conducive to the separation of aluminum and iron.

The aluminum in the ore is mainly composed of fine-grained boehmite (gibbsite and diaspore) embedded in limonite and in the form of isomorphism in the iron and iron minerals. Less, 40.44% of the aluminum in the iron-like minerals in the form of isomorphism, this part of the alternative aluminum is not separated from the mineral by conventional beneficiation methods (magnetic separation, flotation), while in the water Aluminum minerals also contain a certain amount of iron, which makes separation of aluminum and iron very difficult. The mineral processing equipment manufacturer uses magnetic roasting-magnetic separation to separate the aluminum or iron from the ore. The minimum A12O3 content in the concentrate is 7.41%. At this time, the iron grade is only 60.51%, and the separation effect of aluminum and iron is not obvious.

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