In January 2018, China's car dealership inventory warning index was 67.2%

According to the "Vehicle Inventory Alert Index" published by the China Automobile Dealers Association, the Inventory Inventory Early Warning Index of China's Automobile Dealers VIA (Vehicle Inventory Alert Index) shows that in January 2018, the inventory warning index of automobile dealers was 67.2%, a 19.5 percentage point month-on-month increase. Above the line.


Due to the withdrawal of the purchase tax preferential policy, at the end of 2017, we will concentrate on purchasing consumer demand that was overdrawn in January. As the Spring Festival approached, migrant workers in the field returned to their hometowns in advance, leading to a drop in demand. The nationwide snow and ice weather in January also affected consumers' store sales. In addition, the economic downturn, rising prices, resulting in lower consumer purchasing power, is also the main reason for the January market.

From the perspective of the sub-index: According to the survey, the sub-index of market demand and sales sub-index fell sharply in January from the previous month, indicating that market demand was weak; at the same time, the inventory index increased year-on-year, and pressure on dealer inventory increased.


From the perspective of the regional index, the national total index was 67.2% in January, 72.7% in the northern region, 67.2% in the western region, 50.9% in the southern region, and 63.4% in the eastern region. In January, the regional stocks early warning index rose sharply from December and was above the warning line.

From the sub-brand type index: In January 2018, the joint venture brand index and the self-owned brand index rose sharply from December, and the import & luxury brand index was basically the same as last month. The withdrawal of preferential purchase tax policy has a greater impact on joint venture brands and self-owned brands.


The survey showed that dealers are still not optimistic about February's expectations, and dealers expect the February inventory index will continue to rise, and the market demand index will continue to decline.

Therefore, the China Automobile Dealers Association recommends that dealers should rationally estimate the actual market demand and reasonably control the inventory level in light of the actual situation, so as to prevent excessive inventory pressure and lead to operational risks.

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