Process flow of producing 1 million tons of iron concentrate powder per year

I. Mineral processing equipment - magnetic separator

The ore dressing process is determined by the ore selectivity test results. The beneficiation is stage grinding and stage selection; the weak magnetic separation-fine screening process, the concentrate is filtered for stage grinding and stage selection; the weak magnetic separation concentrate exists. Concentrate library.

Second, the ore dressing process of the beneficiation equipment is as follows

3. Introduction of mineral processing equipment used in the beneficiation process

Mineral processing equipment - ball mill

The ball mill is the key equipment for crushing the material after it has been crushed;

Mineral processing equipment - classifier

Classifier is widely used in the concentrator and the ball circulation path division process dubbed closed shunt mineral sands, or a gravity concentrator graded sand and fine mud, and metal beneficiation process of pulp particle size classification, and washing Desliming, dehydration, etc. in the operation;

Mineral processing equipment - magnetic separator

Suitable separator magnet ore, pyrrhotite, roasted ore, titanium, iron ore and other materials of a particle size below 3mm wet magnetic separator, magnetic separator is used for coal, non-metallic minerals, building materials and other materials in addition to iron work ;

Fourth, the specific implementation method of the beneficiation process

The crusher [ Jaw Crusher Impact Crusher Impact Crusher Compound Crusher] crushed iron fine powder with a mineral particle size of less than 17mm into the raw material storage yard. When the raw material is sent to the silo, it enters a silo. Grade beneficiation equipment—ball mill for grinding operations. After grinding, the slurry is classified by a beneficiation equipment-classifier. The unqualified products are returned to the ball mill for re-grinding after being graded and settled. The qualified products pass through the overflow and enter the beneficiation equipment—magnetic separation. Separation of concentrate and tailings. The concentrate is then passed through a secondary ball mill and secondary magnetic separation to enter the high-frequency screen. The sieve is returned to the secondary ball mill for grinding, and the sieve concentrate is magnetically agglomerated. Finally, The concentrate sedimentation tank is sedimented and dehydrated, and piled up into the concentrate yard to form the final qualified iron concentrate powder product. The tailings slurry produced during the magnetic separation process is deposited into the tailings pond through the channel. The effluent from the concentrate sedimentation tank and the backwater from the tailings pond are recycled to the circulating pool for recycling.

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