The nature and use of titanium

Titanium metal is an important raw material of modern industry.

Titanium products mainly include titanium metal (including titanium alloy) and titanium white (ie titanium dioxide).

Titanium and its alloys have excellent properties and special functions such as low density, high strength, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. They are widely used in aviation and aerospace, chemical, metallurgy, power generation, medical, marine and marine resource development; In the coatings, paper, plastics, rubber, ink, chemical fiber and other industrial sectors.

FURD produce 500kg hydraulic Walk Behind Roller, 325kg single drum Soil Compactor , 285kg single drum Compaction Roller, and 200kg single drum Vibration Roller.

500kg walk behind roller with hydraulic controlled walking, hydraulic turning. Its compact design makes it perfect in the jobs on curbs and sides and in confined areas.

Walk-behind single drum roller

FURD single drum roller features:

-Light weight, easy to operate;

-Full hydraulic transmission, infinitely variable speed;

-Hydraulic motor driving;

Walk-behind Single Drum Roller

Walk-Behind Single Drum Roller,Single Drum Road Roller,Steel Drum Roller,Vibration Roller

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