Preparation technology of ultrafine diamond

Ultrafine diamond (UFD) is the average particle size of nanoscale powder, nano-materials shall be deemed for the twenty-first century material materials sector, the ultrafine diamond double both the importance of the family is the diamond A very promising new member.
Explosive detonation provides a carbon source, and also provides the high temperature and high pressure conditions necessary for phase change, making the UNF production process simple. In order to recover the detonation solid product - detonation ash, a closed metal container, called an explosion tank, can be used. Hang the detonator explosive at the center of the explosion tank, fill it with inert gas (such as CO 2 , N 2 , etc.), collect the detonation ash after explosion (washable with water), use acid and strong oxidant (such as HClO 4 Removal of non-diamond solid carbon and metal impurities such as graphite , and finally removing the acid and water-soluble impurities with deionized water or distilled water to obtain UFD.
In terms of the UFD generation method, the shock wave method (high-speed graphite washing with a flying plate, a small amount of UFD in the converted diamond) and an explosion method (mixing graphite powder and explosives to prepare an explosive, exploding in an explosion tank, recycling explosion The method of blasting and purifying to obtain diamond) UFD has a small yield and requires a process of separating UFD from the particles.
So far, the detonation method is the only method for industrially producing nanoparticle King Kong UFD.

The vibration elevator can be also called as vertical elevator, Spiral Conveyor, Spiral Elevator  etc.

The vibration elevator is applicable to lift materials of powder,granule,block and short fiber  vertically up to eight meters.The material is conveyed solely through the action of centrifugal  force generated by twin externally mounted motors. This machine is also useful in material  cooling and drying applications during the process of lifting.

According to customer's special request, vertical conveyor can also be designed to classify  the materials and convey flammable and explosive materials.


* Low wear

* Low maintenance

* Low power consumption

* Minimum use of floor space

* Lift heights up to 9 meters

* No moving parts - virtually maintenance free

* Quiet running

* Can be totally covered

* Smooth vibration,low transmitted vibration


Food industry

sugar powder,starch,milk powder,egg powder,rice powder,food additive,seasoning,spice  etc.

Chemical industry

fertilizer, detergent powder, sodium carbonate, talcum powder, dyestuff, rubber, PVC resin, pigment, cosmetics, coatings, Chinese medicine powder,fiber etc.

Metal, metallurgy industry

copper powder,nickle powder,aluminum powder,copper granule,ore alloy powder,welding  powder,battery material, abrasive powder, fire-proof material etc.

Spiral Elevator

Spiral Elevator

Spiral Elevator,Spiral Elevator Conveyor,Spiral Vertical Elevator,Vibrating Spiral Elevator