Dongguan's first inverter technology engineering ship began to debug

Recently, the 73.8-meter engineering ship built by Dongguan Modern Shipyard entered the mooring commissioning stage. The ship is the first engineering work ship in Dongguan that uses variable frequency technology.
The engineering ship uses a variable frequency motor to drive the jet pump instead of the traditional diesel engine to drive the jet pump. This change will greatly improve the sand mining efficiency, and has “arbitrary precision speed regulation, high efficiency and energy saving, soft start shock resistance” Three advantages.
Dongguan Maritime Bureau actively supports the application of energy-saving and emission reduction technologies in ships. At present, the installation of frequency conversion technology equipment on ships is not clearly defined. The surveyor is actively coordinating with the shipyard, shipowners and product suppliers. It proposes and requirements for the operating conditions of the variable frequency power system on the ship, and supports the application of new technologies on board. At the same time ensure safety.

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