Car Three Guarantees Policy will be Legislative Hearing on the 26th

According to Voice of China's "News and Verticals" report, as early as the end of 2004, the "Three Guarantees" regulation for cars that had collected opinions from abroad had gone through 7 years and finally had the latest progress. Yesterday, the "Legislation Regulations on the Repair, Replacement, and Return of Household Automobile Products" was closed. Five days later, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) will hold a legislative hearing to put the opinions of all parties on the table. This time, we seem to feel that the “car three packs” policy is getting closer and closer to us.

At the same time, however, the "three guarantees" of the car are far from "as expected" by some consumers. In the interests of all parties in the game, the automobile "three guarantees" policy will once again remain dead in the still dead?

China's auto consumer protection measures are lagging behind as the world's largest auto consumption market, and China's auto consumer protection measures are very backward. Consumers face quality problems after buying a car. Dealers and manufacturers' solutions are mostly “only repairs are not changed”. The reason given is that there is no “Three Guarantees” provision.砸 Da Ben, Lou Biao has become the only choice for individuals to vent their anger.

Seven years ago, we had an infinitely close approach to the introduction of the policy: At that time, the General Administration of Quality Supervision, Inspection and Quarantine had publicly solicited opinions from the community. At the time of the last discussion, we almost found that the introduction of the “Car Three Guarantees” policy was an ironclad thing, but then “Three Guarantees”. The policy allows us to wait 7 years. Many consumers have not had much hope for this discussion to become a reality:

Mass 1: This time there was an opinion draft and it will be heard next week. It should be almost. But still seeing is believing!

Mass 2: I remember one time I heard that we would implement the three-package policy and that we won't be able to finish it at all. So this time it's also a bit skeptical. It feels like it would be best if we could implement it.

Compared with the previous time, the timing of the introduction of the Auto Three Guarantees policy is more mature. In the eyes of analyst Li Yang who has been observing the auto market for many years, not only has the auto company's strength significantly improved, but also the people’s awareness of their rights protection has been significantly enhanced, and more importantly, changes in policy indicators.

Li Yang: Well, this year, the attitude of the vehicle, from the original unconditional policy support to conditional support, and even restrictions that occurred in some places, is a vane, for example, the acceptance of Huimin subsidies, the threshold increased, Comprehensive fuel consumption increased by 10%.

Yesterday, the auto three-bag policy formally ended the one-month consultation period. Under the reporter’s inquiries, the relevant departments stated that the opinions solicited are still being collated and analyzed, and there is not much to share.

Automobile manufacturers and sellers reacted strongly. Although the official opinions have not been summarized yet, it is not difficult to hear the opinions on the auto three pack policy in the past month. The strongest voice was the number one deputy secretary-general of the China Automobile Industry Association, Ye Shengji. Facing dozens of media reporters, Ye Shengji expressed his position on behalf of the China Automobile Association: It is not ripe to implement the Three Guarantees for automotive products. And such voices will never disappear because of the end of the consultation process.

Next Wednesday, October 26, AQSIQ will hold a "Car Three Guarantees" legislative hearing. As the pace of policy is getting closer and closer, what views will the hearing bring together? "Car Three Guarantees" will be successfully landing? After the official implementation, how much can consumers protect their own rights and interests?

Car analyst Jia Xinguang has participated in many "Three Guarantees" discussions. For the hearing several days later, his biggest concern is that time is too short, because all parties have too many opinions to express:

Jia Xinguang: The most obvious standpoint is that the Automobile Industry Association stated that the conditions for implementing the Three Guarantees are not met and the attitude is fiercest. In addition, circulation associations will also have an amendment. They think that “who is responsible for sales and sales” cannot accept distributors. So now it seems that the time for the hearing is not enough, so that everyone’s opinions are still not fully reflected.

In Li Yang's view, although it is currently less than a week from the hearing, everything is still unknown, but one thing has been nailed down and the on-site controversy will be very fierce:

Li Yang: If this step is taken, the distance will not be far behind. However, I can be responsible for saying that the next week’s hearing will be very fierce. The parties still have to seize the last opportunity and desperately delay, mainly the manufacturer.

"It's better than nothing."

There is still a lot of room for improvement in the draft of the “Car Three Guarantees”, but “there is always better than nothing” and it has become a consensus. Partner Liu Mingjun, a partner of Beijing Bangsheng Law Firm, believes that the “Three Guarantees of Cars” policy will be introduced to avoid the phenomenon of “Oucar La BMW” and “public rushing”.

Liu Mingjun: In the product quality law, there are general provisions for repairing, replacing, and returning products that have quality problems. However, such regulations are generally general, and for a long period of time, automotive products have not been included in the three packs. The regulations are managed. From this point of view, the most important significance of the introduction of the automobile three-bag package is to provide further and specific legal basis for the automobile three bags. In the future, once a company has violated the “Three Guarantees” situation, the quality inspection department will be able to conduct supervision. At the same time, consumers will have a legal basis when defending their rights, rather than saying that the complaint has nowhere to come and even repeatedly appears The helplessness of BMW and the "public smashing".

The promulgation and implementation of "Car Three Guarantees" may only be a matter of time. The majority of consumers are more concerned about how to use these good policies to protect their rights and interests. Jia Xinguang believes that even if the policy is ripe, just relying on the quality inspection system, the policy will not go too far.

Jia Xinguang: For example, the Bureau of Industry and Commerce and consumer associations may not be linked to other departments this time. For example, you should have a role in industry and commerce, and tax and insurance should be involved in the future. To play a role. I think that the Legal Affairs Office of the State Council has come to coordinate and is not better.

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