Kunshan Grain Dryer Maintenance Technology Training Course was successfully held

In order to promote the promotion and application of the city's grain drying machinery, ensure that the drying equipment is safe and efficient during the summer busy period. On April 19, the Kunshan Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station of Jiangsu Province organized more than 40 operators of agricultural workers and grain drying centers in the city. Organized a food drying machine maintenance technology training course.

Different from the previous classroom teaching method, this training innovative teaching form, moved the classroom to the inside of the dryer hangar, hired the city agricultural machinery technology* and the dryer production enterprise technicians to teach, through the real scene "live broadcast" The theory is linked to the reality, so that the participants can better understand the knowledge and skills and improve the training effect. In the class, the Q&A interaction and discussion discussion sessions were also arranged, so that the participants could participate in it personally, actively thinking about discovering problems, and through the mouth, hands-on, and brains, they really put the technology they learned into the ear, into the eyes, and into the heart. After the training, everyone said that the training was novel in form, mobilized the initiative of everyone to learn actively, and also grasped more practical knowledge.

At present, the educational level of agricultural practitioners is generally low, and the ability to accept new knowledge and new technologies is weak. How to better improve their vocational skills in training and train more qualified new professional farmers is a problem worth studying. As a training unit for agricultural machinery new technology promotion in Kunshan City, the Agricultural Machinery Promotion Station of Kunshan City has been actively exploring new modes of training for agricultural machinery practitioners. Through the creation of “depot classroom” and “field classroom”, the company has continuously enhanced the role of industry demonstrations and effectively stimulated the training of participants. Enthusiasm, improve the level of mechanization application of grain production in the city.

Concrete Pile Mould:

Concrete Pile Mould is a kind of Steel Mould, it is mainly apply to Concrete Pile Plant to produce Concrete Pile including Centrifugal Reinforced Technology (PHC ) Concrete Spun Pile, Concrete Hollow Square Pile, U sheet Pile for river bank piling etc.

Our Mould Advantages:

1. Mould's tongue-and-groove is designed by the dislocation of upper and lower shell boards, matchboard is plane surface. Slurry does not leak and it is easy to clean mould.

2. The tyre is "T" type forgings. Tyre and its support plate are as whole.

Centrigual Reinforced Spun Pile Mould

3. Self-developed six-meter press machine of mould inside shell. The inside shell seam extends from 2 meters to 6 meters, to minimize welds and mould strength and improve the external appearance of the products

6meter moulding machine

4. Welding process uses CO2 arc shield welder which makes its appearance simple and weld seam neat. Our company cooperated with colleges to introduce [robot welding project".

5. Long lathe, manufacture the whole set mould under fifteen-meter length, greatly increases concentricity of the tyre and flange.

15meter lathe machine for concrete pile mould

We can customize for you. If you have any questions, please contact with us directly. Concrete Pile Moulds are produced by High Quality and Esay transportation, quick assembling, good rigidity and smooth working. Welcome you can visit our Factory.For inqury,Please send mail directly to us.

Concrete Pile Mould

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