What is the vein recognition technology?

The finger vein is a vein that is distributed inside the human finger. The basic principle of vein recognition is to use the structure of the venous blood vessels for identification. The vein pattern contains a large amount of characteristic information and can therefore be used as an object of verification. Due to the application of the scene, finger vein recognition is generally used in home security (the identification module of the palm vein is too large, and the recognition speed is reduced due to the large area to save the vein information), which is convenient for the design of the lock and the recognition speed is faster. Because there are many blood vessels in the distal end of the fingertips, there is almost no repetition between people, and there is no unrecognizable skin abnormality on the finger surface. Therefore, 1:1 and 1:n authentication can be achieved with a false positive rate of <0.0001% and a rejection rate of <0.01%.
According to the position of the infrared light source, the vein sampling on the market is divided into three types: single side light irradiation, double metering light irradiation, and upper light irradiation, among which the double metering light irradiation is more precise (so the double metering light irradiation price is relatively higher) ).

Taking dual photometric recognition as an example, the infrared light band on both sides penetrates the finger, and the hemoglobin in the venous blood vessel absorbs the infrared light of this frequency, and forms a continuous light and dark image due to the fluidity of hemoglobin in the blood vessel (for example) The place with blood vessels is black, and the place without blood vessels is white). The high-definition camera in the module will take the picture, process it into a data packet, and then identify it by comparison.
The application of finger vein recognition technology in government institutions, financial institutions, prisons, social security, medical care, etc. is very mature. Some college entrance examination examinations also use finger vein recognition technology to prevent candidates from cheating. It can be seen that the safety of finger vein recognition is relatively high. .

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