·Deli United Group's automotive aftermarket strategy plans to develop 20,000 2S stores covering 10 million owners

After more than a year of preparation, the first 2S shop of Delian Group was completed in Shanghai recently, officially entering the automotive aftermarket, and developing after-sales service for passenger cars.
At the same time, the German Union Group also signed cooperation agreements with the first batch of more than 100 regional car maintenance operators, covering about 6,000 service stores.
The company plans to develop 400 regional distributors nationwide by 2017, expand and serve around 20,000 authorized service stores nationwide, and eventually cover more than 10 million terminal owners.
Building a closed-loop service ecosystem In early 2015, Delian Group successfully implemented targeted fundraising, and the construction of 2S shop service network was an important part of it. This time, the company set up the first flagship store (De Auto Life Museum) and community standard store of “Del United 2S Car Maintenance” in Nanxiang and Yangpu in Shanghai. At the same time, the establishment of the "new channel cooperation relationship" construction direction, the development of the first batch of more than 100 "Del United regional operational service providers."
2S shop mode is a service mode that provides professional after-sales maintenance, maintenance, security inspection, decoration and replacement of parts, including spare parts (Sparepart) and after-sales service (Service). The construction of the 2S shop system can help the Delian Group to quickly enter the automotive aftermarket, and expand the application field of the company's automotive fine chemicals from the OEM OEM market to the larger and more profitable AM ​​market.
On the day of the completion of the first 2S store, Delian Group also reached a strategic cooperation with Shanghai International Automobile City to simultaneously launch the time-sharing business of electric vehicles. According to the company, in the future, customers can rent electric cars in real time in all direct stores and some franchised stores in Deutsche Shanghai, and the whole process from appointment, pick-up, returning to checkout can be completed through mobile app. If the customer is a member of the Deutsche Union store, you can also use the usual spending points in the store to redeem the car rental fee.
It is reported that since the second half of 2014, the German Union Group has begun to brew into the automotive aftermarket with the MB2B2C strategy. The strategy intends to establish and manage a new flat channel (B) cooperation relationship by integrating the original (MB) spare parts superior resources, mutual benefit win-win mechanism and Internet means, and adopting the new concept of "Del United 2S Auto Service" standard. The system establishes a national chain of German automotive terminal services, and delivers quality products, professional services and automotive culture to the majority of car owners (C).
Through the built-in MB2B2C big data platform, Delian Group provides various business Applications for franchisees and end users, improving channel management efficiency and offline network service linkage capability, thus achieving MB2B2C service chain penetration and O2O service closed loop for terminal C customers. To build and manage an efficient and interactive automotive aftermarket service ecosystem involving manufacturers, channels and end consumers.
According to a survey of professional institutions in the automotive aftermarket, the size of China's automotive aftermarket in 2014 has reached 600 billion yuan. With the increase in car ownership and the increase in average vehicle age, it is expected that this market size will reach 5 trillion yuan in the next decade. More importantly, the gross margin in this industry chain is very high. According to statistics, the sales profit of the after-sales service is as high as 50%-60%.
According to professionals, compared with the huge market scale, the domestic automobile aftermarket is still in the early stage of development. The scale of business operations in the industry is small, and there are shortcomings in standard operation, technical services, and sales of auto supplies.
Deng Guojin, the secretary-general of Delian Group, said that the company had conducted a full investigation of the automotive aftermarket at the initial stage of the listing, and repeatedly determined the MB2B2C strategic development model. 2S stores include flagship stores and franchise stores. The role of flagship stores is to establish brands, standard output, talent training and other exemplary benchmarks. Expanding the market and expanding services will focus on the light asset model of franchisees.
He said that in the next five years, under the premise of the stable development of the original business, the profit contribution from the automotive aftermarket will gradually increase.

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