The United States successfully developed energy-intensive new batteries to achieve long electric vehicles

According to foreign media reports, American scientists have recently successfully developed a new energy-intensive battery that can provide long-term power supply for long-distance driving of electric vehicles. The use of this battery will eliminate the three major obstacles facing the current large-scale use of electric vehicles: cost, distance and safety, and is expected to revolutionize the electric vehicle industry. The new lithium-ion battery developed by researchers at Envia Systems Battery Technology Inc. in California, USA, stores twice as much energy per gram of current battery as the current battery. The company will be at the USResearch Projects Agency-Energy. This breakthrough was announced at three annual conferences. Sujeet Kumar, co-founder and chief technology officer and material scientist at Envia, explained: We have achieved a storage density of 400 watt-hours/kg, and we have built a 40-amp battery that the car can recognize and use. The battery has been verified by the independent energy density test of the Naval Surface Warfare Center. The project received a $4 million grant from ARPA-E. Based on research from the US Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory on advanced composite electrode materials, the researchers found that high-energy manganese-rich cathode materials have greater Energy density. The research team then shifted the focus to the anode (the flow of lithium ions to the electrode that produces the current) and improved its performance by combining silicon and graphite. By mixing silicon with carbon, the researchers solved the problem of silicon anodes losing the ability to repeatedly charge and discharge other batteries. In short, silicon is expanding. Kumar acknowledged that silicon anodes are difficult to sustain for 10 cycles due to large changes in volume. However, they solved this problem by surrounding them with carbon paint and intertwined with carbon fibers, and the batteries they developed could be cycled 400 times. Kumar added: Silicon can remain connected through carbon fiber even if it is destroyed in the first cycle. Another problem facing car batteries is the so-called thermal runaway, which is especially the test that must be passed on a car battery. This performance of the battery can be tested by quickly penetrating the battery with an 8 mm nail. Researchers claim that Envia batteries can pass this test. Kumar said: The main reason is that this battery is very thin, it is easy to dissipate heat. Ultra-thin, energy-intensive batteries save half the energy of each car. The battery is cheap, at $125 per kWh, less than half the current battery cost. However, in addition to further independent testing, automakers need to test the battery for many years. AtulKapadia, Chairman and CEO of Envia, said: We work with all brand car manufacturers around the world. Our idea is to either form a joint venture to produce batteries, perhaps allowing existing partners to take advantage of the technology. This technology can increase the driving distance of electric vehicles, such as General Motors' Chevy Volt. Each kilogram of battery can store more power, and electric vehicles can travel farther. This means that the Nissan LEAF can charge Envia's battery for as little as $10, and it can travel 300 miles between St. Louis and Chicago, instead of about 80 miles (129 km) that it can travel today. . In a statement announcing this scientific breakthrough, Kumar said: We hope that Envia's new generation of lithium-ion batteries will revolutionize the electric vehicle industry, which eliminates three major obstacles to the large-scale use of electric vehicles: cost, distance and safety. . Driving 300 miles on a single charge (about 483 km) will solve the problem of short distance traveled by electric vehicles. (This article Source: Alibaba)

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