Application of Illumination Incubator in the Study of Effect of Illumination of Mungbean Seeds

We all know that the germination of seeds needs sufficient moisture, air and suitable temperature, and plant growth requires sufficient illumination in addition to the above conditions. Then do the seeds need to germinate without sunlight? The light incubator is a climate chamber with light regulation function. The light environment incubator is used to set the required environmental parameters. The mung bean seed is the research subject. Under other conditions sufficient, only changing the light can help us to study the mung bean seed receiving light. The effect of whether the seed germination needs the sun to find the answer.

Light incubator

First, the mung bean seeds were divided into two equal parts, and then the seeds were tested according to the requirements of the germination test. The light incubator was used to control the temperature, humidity, and other environments required for seed germination. The difference was that one group was in the absence of light. Experiments were conducted in the environment while the other group added light. After that, observe the germination of the two mung bean seeds. However, through the measurement and research, it was found that both the seed with light and the seed with no light will germinate. It can be seen that the germination of mung bean seeds does not necessarily require light, and the temperature and humidity have a greater impact on the seed germination. There are also some differences between light-exposed and non-lighted seeds. It is that the seed of the mung bean seed is broken earlier and the roots will grow earlier. The leaves will grow later, and there will be no unlit mung beans. The seed coat will break later, and the root will grow later, and the leaves will grow earlier.

Through the application of the light incubator in the study of the influence of mung bean seed light, we explored the effect of light on the germination of mung bean seed, and we also conducted the light incubator for other seed-related light culture experiments. At present, with the application of environmental instruments and equipment such as light incubators, people have been more able to explore the relationship between plants and the environment, and their efficiency and effectiveness have improved significantly, providing an important scientific basis for the development of modern agriculture.

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