Muffle furnace

Muffle furnace

The muffle furnace was translated from the English Muffle furnace. Muffle is the meaning of the package, furnace is the meaning of the furnace, the furnace. The general name of muffle furnace in China is as follows: electric furnace, electric resistance furnace, Maofu furnace, Mafu furnace. The muffle furnace is a general-purpose heating device. It can be divided into box-type furnace-type furnaces according to the shape of the appearance.

The muffle furnace is divided into domestic muffle furnace and imported muffle furnace according to nationality. According to the heating element, there are: electric furnace muffle furnace, silicon carbon rod muffle furnace, silicon molybdenum rod muffle furnace; according to the rated temperature, the general classification is: 900 degree series muffle furnace, 1000 degree muffle furnace, 1200 degrees Muffle furnace, 1300 degree muffle furnace, 1600 degree muffle furnace, 1700 degree muffle furnace. According to the controller, there are the following types: pointer table, ordinary digital display table, PID adjustment control table, program control table; according to the insulation material to distinguish: ordinary refractory brick and ceramic fiber. Therefore, the user must clearly understand the contract when purchasing the product, so that the supplier is not tired.

When the heating muffle furnace cycle mode of operation, for laboratory, industrial and mining enterprises, research institutes heat treatment for elemental analysis and small size steel hardening, annealing, tempering, high-temperature muffle furnace can be made of metal, sintered ceramics, Dissolve, analyze and other high temperature heating.

Application range:

(1) Thermal processing, cement, building materials industry, thermal processing or processing of small workpieces.

(2) Pharmaceutical industry: used for the inspection of medicines, pretreatment of medical samples, etc.

(3) Analytical chemical industry: As a sample treatment in the fields of water quality analysis and environmental analysis. It can also be used to carry out oil and its analysis.

(4) Coal Quality Analysis: for the determination of moisture, ash, volatile matter, ash melting point analysis, ash composition analysis, elemental analysis. It can also be used as a general ashing furnace.


Thanks to the new ceramic fiber furnace, the insulation effect is good, the product features:

● The furnace body and intelligent controller are designed separately, beautiful and generous, and the door is designed with side opening.

● It adopts double-sided lining type heating elements to facilitate the replacement of the furnace wire. It adopts imported ultra-high temperature heating element, which has better oxidation resistance and greatly increases the service life.

● Using ceramic fiber insulation, greatly improving the heating rate, reducing the heat energy consumption, heating up quickly: 1000C furnace type from 100C to 1000C, less than 30 minutes, 1700C furnace type from 100C to 1700C, less than 90 minutes

Compared with the traditional muffle furnace, the weight is reduced by 1/2, the heating rate is increased by 1 time, and the weight is light: the 6-liter furnace type weighs only 50 kg. The 9-liter furnace type weighs only 65 kg (total weight), which greatly saves energy and increases the service life by 3.5. Double; the insulation effect is good, the furnace surface temperature is low, the temperature is raised to 1000C, and after 1 hour, the surface of the outer casing is not hot, avoiding burns. (About 45-55C according to the use environment)

● Imported temperature control instrument, new digital display, digital set temperature, intelligent control output, can reduce visual and human error, greatly improve work efficiency.

● With a variety of protection devices to improve safety and reliability

● Independent control system for easy maintenance and replacement

● There is a vent hole on the furnace body (the gas protection can be added according to the user's requirements, and the air is exhausted). The efficiency is high: When used as a test furnace, the air outlet can be opened and the chimney is added, which is beneficial to replenish fresh oxygen and accelerate the test.

● Other specifications can be customized according to user needs. Various non-standard tube furnaces, well furnaces, box furnaces

Preparation: According to the needs of users, we can customize all kinds of special-shaped heating devices to heat the furnace!

Temperature controller technical parameters

Model TL06/09 Series TL20/30 Series TL17 Series

Control mode PID program control PID program control PID program control

Applicable power supply AC220V AC3 phase 380V AC3 phase 380V

Number of steps 8 8 8

Temperature stability (full scale) 0.2% FS 0.3% FS 0.5% FS

Time setting range (heating, holding) 99h59min/step 99h59min 999min/step

1000C muffle furnace technical parameters

Furnace type TL0610 TL0910 TL2010 TL3010

Use volume 6L 9L 20L 30L


Rise time 100-1000C<30min 100-1000C<30min 100-1000C<30min 100-1000C<40min

Power Type AC 220V 10A AC 220V 16A AC 3-Phase 380V 16A AC 3-Phase 380V 16A

Power (KW) 2 3 6 7.5

Heating element type resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire

Sensor type KKKK

Furnace size

W×D×H 200×250×120mm 200×300×150mm 250×400×200mm 300×400×250mm

Furnace size

W×D×H 540×550×415mm 550×590×445mm 660×770×595mm 710×770×635mm

Net weight (kg) 50 65 85 100

1200C muffle furnace technical parameters

Furnace type TL0612 TL0912 TL2012 TL3012

Use volume 6L 9L 20L 30L


Rise time 100-1200C< 40min 100-1200C< 40min 100-1200C< 50min 100-1200C<60min

Power Type AC220V 10A AC220V 16A AC 3 Phase 380V 16A AC 3 Phase 380V 16A

Power (KW) 2 3 6 7.5

Heating element type resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire

Sensor type SSSS

Furnace size

W×D×H 200×250×120mm 200×300×150mm 250×400×200mm 300×400×250mm

Furnace size

W×D×H 540×550×415mm 550×590×445mm 660×770×595mm 710×770×635mm

Net weight (kg) 50 65 85 100

1400C muffle furnace technical parameters

Furnace type TL0614 TL0914 TL2014 TL3014

Use volume 6L 9L 20L 30L


Rise time 100-1400C< 50min 100-1400C< 40min 100-1400C< 60min 100-1400C<80min

Power Type AC220V 10A AC220V 16A AC 3 Phase 380V 16A AC 3 Phase 380V 16A

Power (KW) 2 3 6 7.5

Heating element type resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire resistance wire

Sensor type SSSS

Furnace size

W×D×H 200×250×120mm 200×300×150mm 250×400×200mm 300×400×250mm

Furnace size

W×D×H 600×550×465mm 550×640×500mm 660×770×595mm 710×770×635mm

Net weight (kg) 55 70 85 100

1700C muffle furnace technical parameters

Furnace type TL0417 TL0617 TL0917

Use volume 4L 6L 9L

Temperature rise time 100-1700C<90min 100-1700C<90min 100-1700C<90min

Power Type AC 220V 20A AC 220V 25A AC 3-Phase 380V 16A

Power (KW) 3.6 5 7.5

Heating element type silicon phase rod silicon phase rod silicon phase rod

Sensor Type BBB

Furnace size W×D×H 160×170×150mm 160×250×150mm 200×300×150mm

Furnace size W×D×H 570×575×605mm 570×645×625mm 635×715×685mm

Net weight (kg) 85 95 115

Detailed introduction:

Silicon molybdenum rod: This unit of silicon molybdenum rod is processed by the technology of Swedish company. Generally, the temperature of the furnace body can be used from 1300 °C to 1800 °C. It is widely used in metallurgy, glass, ceramics, magnetic materials, refractory materials, crystals, electronic components, kiln manufacturing, etc. It is an ideal for high-temperature sintering of products. Heating element.

Bulk density, flexural strength, Vickers hardness, porosity, water absorption, thermal elongation

5.5 g/cm 15-25 kg/cm (HV) 570kg/mm ​​7.4% 1.2% 4%

Under the high temperature oxidation atmosphere, the silicon molybdenum rod forms a quartz protective layer on the surface to prevent the silicon molybdenum rod from continuing to oxidize. When the element temperature is greater than 1700 ° C, the quartz protective layer is melted, the element is continuously used under an oxidizing atmosphere, and the quartz protective layer is regenerated. Silicon molybdenum rods should not be used for a long time in the range of 400-700 ° C, otherwise the components will be powdered due to the strong oxidation of low temperature.

Muffle furnace installation and use

1. After opening the package, check if the muffle furnace is intact and the accessories are complete. A typical muffle furnace does not require special installation and needs to be placed flat on a flat floor or shelf. The controller should avoid vibration, and the position should not be too close to the electric furnace to prevent the internal components from working properly due to overheating.

2. A thermocouple is inserted into the furnace 20-50mm, and the gap between the hole and the thermocouple is filled with asbestos rope. It is best to use a compensation wire (or an insulated steel core wire) to connect the thermocouple to the control. Pay attention to the positive and negative poles, and do not reverse the connection.

3. An additional power switch is required at the power line lead to control the main power supply. In order to ensure safe operation, the electric furnace and the controller must be reliably grounded.

4. Before use, adjust the thermometer indicator to zero point. When using the compensation wire and cold end compensator, adjust the mechanical zero point to the reference temperature point of the cold end compensator. When the compensation wire is not used, the mechanical zero point is used. Adjusted to zero scale, but the temperature indicated is the temperature difference between the measurement point and the cold junction of the thermocouple.

5. After checking the wiring and confirming it is correct, cover the controller casing. Adjust the temperature indicator's setting pointer to the desired operating temperature and then turn on the power. Turn on the power switch. At this time, the green light on the meter indicates that the green light is on, the relay starts to work, the electric furnace is energized, and the current meter displays current. As the internal temperature of the electric furnace rises, the temperature indicating instrument pointer also gradually rises. This phenomenon indicates that the system is working normally. The heating and constant temperature of the electric furnace are respectively indicated by the traffic light of the temperature indicator, the green light indicates the temperature rise, and the red light indicates the constant temperature.

Maintenance and precautions

1. When the muffle furnace is used for the first time or after long-term deactivation, it must be oven-dried. The oven should be at room temperature 200 ° C for four hours. 200 ° C to 600 ° C for four hours. When using, the furnace temperature should not exceed the rated temperature to avoid burning the heating elements. It is forbidden to inject various liquids and easily soluble metals into the furnace. It is best to work at a temperature below 50 °C below the maximum temperature. At this time, the furnace has a long life.

2. The muffle furnace and controller must work in a location where the relative humidity does not exceed 85% and there is no conductive dust, explosive gas or corrosive gas. When a metal material such as grease is required to be heated, a large amount of volatile gas will affect and corrode the surface of the electric heating element to destroy and shorten the life. Therefore, when heating, it should be prevented and sealed in a timely manner or properly opened to eliminate.

3. The muffle controller should be limited to use in the ambient temperature range of 0-40 °C.

4. According to the technical requirements, regularly check whether the wiring of each electric furnace and controller is good, whether there is any stuck stuck phenomenon when the indicator pointer moves, and use the potentiometer to check the instrument due to magnetic steel, demagnetization, wire drawing, and shrapnel. The increase in error caused by fatigue, balance damage, and the like.

5, the thermocouple should not be pulled out at high temperature to prevent the jacket from bursting.

6. Always keep the furnace clean and remove the oxides in the furnace in time.

Operating procedure

Through-type muffle furnace, safety operation procedures for heat treatment of gas carburizing furnace

1. Before the furnace is opened, the gas pipeline valve sealability and the pressure on the gas pipeline should not be checked below the specified value.

2. The operation of the empty furnace test push rod mechanism, the tie rod mechanism and the lifting mechanism.

3. Loosen the compression spring to the specified size range.

4. Adjust the water level of the water seal, open the valve through which the water seal is discharged, and close the valve through the water seal.

5. Close the furnace door at the feeding end, open the furnace door at the discharge end, and close the furnace door when the kerosene is sprayed out to form a misty flow.

6. Point the burner of the feed chamber.

7. Exhaust gas should be discharged through a valve that does not pass through the water seal.

8. Intermittent production first carburizes the furnace.

9. When the part is placed, the distance between the part and the part is not less than 5 mm; the edge of the part does not exceed the length of the base plate and the specified height.

10. To quickly switch the feed and discharge doors, but the speed of the push-pull rods should be smooth.

11. The position of the part in the pre-cooling chamber should be right below the thermocouple.

12. Only 24 chassis can be filled in the furnace, and the feeding must be pulled first and then pushed.

13. When the furnace is shut down, the furnace zone should be lowered to the same temperature, and then the natural cooling will begin.

14. Equipment cleaning:

(1) The furnace tank should be cleaned once a week during continuous production, and the cleaning of the intermittent production tank should be carried out immediately after stopping the furnace.

(2) When the furnace cleaning temperature is 850 ~ 870 °C, the chassis should be taken out;

(3) When blowing from the feed end of the furnace with a compressed air nozzle, the valve should not be opened too much, and must be moved back and forth, left and right to prevent local overheating;

(4) The gas burner is cleaned once with kerosene before carburizing.

15. After quenching the chassis or fixture, return to the pre-cooling chamber to remove oil.

16. It is found that the exhaust pipe is blocked (the pressure in the furnace is suddenly increased) and should be cleaned up immediately. First open the exhaust valve that does not pass the water seal, and then close the exhaust valve of the water seal. After cleaning, open the exhaust pipe valve of the water seal first, and then close the exhaust valve without water seal.

17. Precautions:

(1) Always pay attention to the combustion conditions of various districts and the pressure of gas;

(2) When the furnace door is opened, it cannot stand in the middle to prevent the flame from being burned;

(3) Pay attention to whether the burner of the department is burning and check whether the wedge door is leaking with a torch;

(4) When the flame of the burner is extinguished during work, the gas valve should be closed immediately, and then the air valve should be closed;

(5) If the part is dropped during work or the wedge-shaped door switch is not working, the feeding should be stopped and the parts removed.


(1) This product has a wide range of applications and can be used for weight analysis: ash determination of organic matter and coal.

(2) The heating element is placed on the inner four walls to accelerate the rise of temperature and uniform heating.

(3) The heating element is made of special refractory material and completely concealed in the inner wall to avoid contact with corrosive gas, steam, etc., and prolong its service life.

(4) The muffle furnace and the control part are separately arranged, so that the electronic temperature controller can accurately grasp the temperature even under a long period of operation.

(5) The outer shell of the muffle furnace is double-layered, and the circulation of air can keep the surface low temperature, so there is no need to worry about the phenomenon of burning people.

(6) The digital setting and display panel indicate the exact temperature.

Technical Parameters

1. External size (W×D×H) 370×470×500 Inner chamber size (W×D×H) 130×250×90 Capacity L 3 Temperature range RT+ 5°C~ 1,200°C (maximum) Operating temperature 1,050°C Control PID automatic adjustment control regulator SSR control thermocouple type K (CA) heat capacity W 2,000 heating element heat-resistant steel Kanthal AF insulation material fiber, ceramic power supply AC 220V 50Hz 1Φ Note: The furnace can not be flammable, explosive Bake to avoid danger! It is also not allowed to heat volatile corrosive substances, otherwise it will affect its service life.

2, external size (W × D × H) 370 × 470 × 500 inner chamber size (W × D × H) 130 × 250 × 90 capacity L 3 temperature range RT + 5 ° C ~ 1,350 ° C (maximum) operating temperature 1,300 ° C control Inlet 40-section program instrument, PID automatic adjustment control regulator SSR control thermocouple type S (CA) heat capacity W 2,000 heating element resistance wire KTL insulation material fiber, ceramic power supply AC 220V 50Hz 1Φ Usage Note: Inflammable in the furnace , Explosive products are baked to avoid danger! It is also not allowed to heat volatile corrosive substances, otherwise it will affect its service life.

Model specification

Model specifications (length × width × height) working voltage heating power rated temperature limit temperature

Sx2-2.5-10 sx2-2.5-10 220V 2.5KW 2.5KW 1050°C

SX2-4-10 300×200×120 220V 4KW 1000°C 1050°C

SX2-8-10 400×250×160 380V 8kw 1000°C 1050°C

SX2-12-10 500×300×200 380V 12kw 1000°C 1050°C

Sx2-2.5-12 200*120*80 220V 2.5KW 1200°C 1250°C

SX2-5-12 300×200×120 220V 5kw 1200°C 1250°C

Sx2-10-12 400*250*160 380V 10KW 1200°C 1250°C

Sx2-12-12 500*300*200 380V 10KW 1200°C 1250°C

Sx2-4-13 250*150*120 220V 4KW 1300°C 1350°C

SX2-6-13 250×150×100 380V 6kw 1300°C 1350°C

Sx2-8-13 400*200*160 380V 8KW 1300°C 1350°C

GZL-120 300*400*500 380 12KW 1300°C 1350°C

Sx2-10-13 500*200*180 380V 10KW 1300°C 1350°C

This product(Concrete Batching Plant) is equipped with the storage, batching, conveying, stirring, control and other devices of various raw materials required for precast concrete, and various aggregates, powders, admixtures, water, etc. A complete set of equipment for supplying concrete in a concentrated manner than by a mixer.
Features of concrete batching plant
1.The overall steel structure of the mixing station is made of high-quality steel, which has high overall structural strength and strong stability.
2.The mixing machine adopts the twin-shaft forced mixing main machine, which has strong mixing performance, uniform mixing and high productivity.
3.Excellent pneumatic components, electrical components, etc.; to ensure the reliability of the equipment, accurate metering performance.
4.Each maintenance and repair site is provided with a walking platform or a check ladder, and has sufficient operation space. Easy maintenance and repair

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