Chinese man was shot dead in France

French prosecutors have pledged that the judicial inquiry into a deadly Chinese man shooting case will be handled "with the greatest transparency" and should result in a fair and fast conclusion, Paris police chief Michel Cadot said last Saturday.

Liu Shaoyao, a 56-year-old Chinese man and a father of five children, was shot dead by police in his apartment in Paris. The incident sparked outrage and aroused protests by the Chinese community in Paris.

Progress has been made jointly by France and China to improve the security of Paris, Cadot said after a work meeting with Chinese Ambassador to France Zhai Jun as well as representatives of Chinese nationals.

Cadot said the atmosphere of the talks is "very constructive." He also expressed condolence to Liu Shaoyao's family.

Cadot stressed that the Paris police will considerably increase security measures to guarantee that Paris is one of the safest destinations of Europe to Chinese tourists.

Zhai said China hopes that the judicial inquiry launched by the French side on the truth of Liu Shaoyao's shooting to death case will lead to a "fair and understandable" conclusion and the China-France relationship can continue to move forward in a good way.

"We need to believe in the sincerity of the French side in investigating the case of Liu Shaoyao, and we appreciate the security measures launched by France, particularly by the Paris police," said Zhai.

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