The second batch of used tires was announced by access companies

On December 23, 2014, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology publicized the list of companies that were eligible for the “ Tire Renovation Industry Access Requirements” and “Entirement Conditions for Waste Tire Comprehensive Utilization Industry” (second batch).

The enterprises that meet the access requirements include Tangshan Xingyu Rubber & Plastics Industry Co., Ltd., Tangshan Tianyuan Rubber Factory, and Xiangyang Jiasheng Recycling Resources Co., Ltd. whose main businesses are reclaimed rubber; Lianyungang City, whose main business is tire retreading. Rubber Products Co., Ltd., Gao Tang Xing Lu-Beng Da Ke Tire Intensification Co., Ltd., Qingdao Ming Long Industry & Trade Co., Ltd., Sichuan Meishan Traffic Tyre Factory; Shandong Zouping Kaiyuan Chemical Stone Co., Ltd., which is mainly engaged in thermal cracking; Binzhou Fenghua Rubber Powder Manufacturing Co., Ltd. for rubber powder.

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