·Opening city bus in Longshan County, Hunan Province

The bus in Longshan County, Hunan Province, which has been waiting for a long time, has finally been opened. After I send my children to the four schools, I don’t want to get up early. I can sleep for half an hour and save five dollars. It is really a big heart. On the morning of December 22, 2014, Mr. Lu, who lives in Tangjiagou to send his children to school, said happily.
The opening of city buses is a long-awaited event for the people of Longshan. In 2014, the county people's government signed a strategic agreement with Longsheng Group in Changsha on August 9 and signed a formal agreement in Longshan on August 25, successfully introducing Hunan Longyan Group to promote the development of Longshan public transport. The newly established Hunan Longfeng Longyi Public Transport Co., Ltd. completed the registration of the company, the purchase of new cars, the registration of the upper house, and the planning of the line in just two months. On December 22, the bus of Longshan No. 1 was opened.
At 6:30 in the morning of the 22nd, Mr. Lu, who sent his children to the school to learn from the small school, learned that the No. 1 bus departed from the door of the house. In the morning, he took the child to the bus in Tangjiagou Station and took the bus. The 68-year-old Aunt Wu sat on the bus and said: "I am an old man over 65 years old. I have a 'mortal certificate'. I really didn't expect to have a bus in the county for free in my lifetime. It is much more convenient to go to the streets in the future. ."
During the trial run of Longshan Bus, the temporary fare is determined to be 2 yuan/person. The Longshan Bus North Station to Tangjiagou No. 1 Road has been opened. A total of 15 vehicles have been put into the train. There are 13 stations, and every 8 minutes, a bus is used. The bus operation is “public bus and intelligent dispatch”.
It is understood. The county has planned a total of 50 vehicles for 4 lines. The first phase of the first line will be opened. The county government will open the remaining three lines one by one according to the operation of the first road.

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