Anti-glare rearview mirror

The anti-glare rearview mirror is generally installed in the carriage. It consists of a special mirror, two photodiodes and an electronic controller. The electronic controller receives the forward and backward light signals sent by the photodiode. If the illumination light shines on the interior rearview mirror, if the rear light is larger than the front lighting, the electronic controller will output a voltage to the conductive layer. The voltage on the conductive layer changes the color of the mirrored electro-chemical layer. The higher the voltage is, the darker the electro-deposition layer is, and even if strong illumination light shines on the rear-view mirror, it is reflected by the anti-glare interior rearview mirror to the eyes of the driver. On the display is dark, not dazzling. The mirror electro-active layer causes the reflection i11 to automatically change continuously to prevent glare, depending on the incident intensity of the rear light. When the vehicle is reversing, the glare-proof function of the anti-glare interior mirror is released and the right exterior mirror automatically illuminates the ground.

Filter Press is a device to reduce the water content in the solid, it mainly includes three types: belt filter press, vacuum disc filter press and plate filter press. They are suitable for concentrate filtration and dry discharge of tailings, the particle size can be up to 500 meshes. And they can also be used in industry of coal and carbon,inorganic salts,alcohol,chemical industry,metallurgy,medicine,light industry,food,textile,environmental protection and other fields.It`s usually followed by a Rotary Dryer if the user wants to decrease the moisture further.

Filter Press

Filter Press

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