CNNC Digitized Instrumentation Control System Passes IAEA Review

[China Instrument Network Instrument R&D] Recently, the NicSys 8000N, a security-grade digital instrumentation control system (DCS) platform developed by China National Nuclear Control System Engineering Co., Ltd., has become a national through the independent engineering review of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The first nuclear safety DCS platform based on FPGA technology approved by international authoritative organizations.

The NicsSys 8000N platform is a strategic deployment of China Nuclear Power System Engineering Co., Ltd. relied on CNNC LongTeng 2020 plan. According to nuclear power plant regulations and nuclear power plant nuclear DCS system requirements, combined with the implementation experience of nuclear power projects in China nuclear power non-safety level DCS engineering prototype nuclear special instrument The control system's R&D technology accumulation and equipment manufacturing supply experience, using FPGA technology and meet the functional safety requirements and developed a nuclear safety level digital DCS system platform. This progress shows that CNNC's safety-grade control system technologies and products have entered the international advanced level and will promote China's nuclear power technology development and nuclear power "going out."

On November 14-19, after a six-month technical document review, the IAEA organized authoritative experts from the United States, France, Hungary, and Ukraine to conduct on-site review of the platform in China Nuclear Power Control and listened to the relevant NicSys 8000N platform. The report of the situation, reviewed the relevant design documents and records, and conducted field tests on the prototype of the platform. Based on relevant technical standards and guidelines, the expert group conducted a comprehensive review of the NicSys 8000N from system architecture design, product hardware and software design, verification and validation, qualification testing and development process. The expert group believes that China Nuclear Power's high-quality control has completed the design and development of the NicSys 8000N platform. All aspects of product design, development, verification, and validation conform to the requirements of the IAEA Safety Guide SSG-39.

(Original title: CNNC Security Grade DCS Platform Passes IAEA Independent Project Review)

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