GTT Receives Order for Mark III Membrane Enclosure System

Recently, GTT of France received an order from Samsung Heavy Industries of South Korea to equip the Coral South FLNG project in Mozambique with the Mark III membrane containment system.
GTT Receives Order for Mark III Membrane Enclosure System
The new 238,700 cubic meter floating liquefied natural gas plant (FLNG) is expected to be delivered in 2021 and will integrate eight LNG storage tanks with Mark III membrane containment systems to become the world's second largest FLNG plant. The Italian energy giant ENI recently approved the development of the project with its partners.
In addition to this order, GTT has supplied support for three floating LNG plants worldwide. These FLNG units will be equipped with a NO96 enclosure and a Mark III enclosure.

Hoist Pulley:

hoist pulley

Product Usage :

Head Sheave, Guide Pulley, Brake, Electric Control, Hydraulic Station, Engineering Plastic, Reducer, Depth Indicator, Coupler.

Product introduction:

The sky wheel is mounted on the Derrick to support the hoisting machine between the hoist drum and the lifting container when the mine hoist is used to guide the steering of the wire rope. The rope groove takes plastic lining or glue block to increase the service life of the wire rope.

Working principle of sky wheel:

1, the wheel body of vertical shaft sky wheel and drilling wheel only make rotation motion.

2, vertical shaft sky wheel is mainly used for vertical shaft lifting and inclined shaft dustpan lifting.

 3. Drilling day wheel is used for hanging tray and stabilizing rope when vertical shaft chisel is used.

4, swimming sky. The wheel body of the wheel, in addition to its rotational motion, Can also be axial movement, mainly for string lift.

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Hoist Pulley

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