Laboratory-grown stem cells can replace blood donation

Cancer patients may one day evade bone marrow transplants. Stem cells are a type of pluripotent cells that can be used to create any tissue. Now scientists have successfully used it to create blood in the laboratory. New scientists point out that this may mean that some cancer patients will not experience painful bone marrow transplantation in the future. Moreover, finding a donor is no longer a problem.

Scientists have discovered that the process of encouraging stem cells to become proteins in blood cells, and when they are put into experimental mice, blood can be generated. Another research group did something similar but started with adult mouse and lung stem cells. The ultimate goal will be to pass through this whole body blood transfusion. Don't be too happy. It's just not finished yet. We still need several years, because it still has to undergo intensive testing and clinical trials before it can be given. As a new scientist points out, there is still a chance that these stem cells may mutate and become cancerous. Therefore, the current plan is to use it for platelet and erythropoiesis, and no nucleus means potential cell division and mutation.

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1.Suitable to process:Colored Steel plate, galvanized board
2.Width of the plate: depends to drawing
3.Roller stations: depends to drawing
4.Rolling material: Forging Steel 45#
5.Rolling galvanization thickness:0.05 mm
6.Material of the cutting blade :Cr12
7.Hydraulic oil :40#
8.Dimensions: depends to drawing

10.Thickness of the plate:0.3-0.6mm
12.Diameter of the roller:70mm
13.Weight:About 3 T
14.Voltage:380V 50Hz
15.Processing precision : within 1.00mm
16.Transportation:one complete machine need one 40feet container to hold

17.Payment term:30%deposit,and balance before delivery


Door Frame Roll Forming Machine

Door Frame Roll Forming Machine, Door Frame Making Machine, Door Frame Machine, Steel Door Frame Machine, Door Frame Forming Machine

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