Diesel Generator Oil Pan Checks Lubricant Capacity and Function

Diesel Generator Oil Pan Oil Check and Function Diesel Generator | Diesel Generator Price / 2017-05-20

Diesel oil sump oil sump to check oil quantity and function Oil sump is used as storage oil, oil sump is provided in the oil sump, which can meet the diesel engine's normal work when trimmed at 15°. The oil pan of the 2-cylinder machine is equipped with a "U" type oil cooler weldment. The outside of the pipe is welded with a copper fin, and the pipe is cooled with water and immersed in the engine oil for cooling oil. All cast iron oil pans are also cast with reinforcing ribs to provide some heat dissipation.
The working conditions of the lubrication system are monitored with oil temperature gauges, pressure gauges, and oil gauges. The oil sump is equipped with an M18*1.5 oil temperature gauge connector and an oil gauge indicating the position of the oil level. One oil drain plug is installed on one side and the bottom of the oil pan to remove the oil.
Due to the differences in the shape of the oil pan and the required storage oil capacity, the oil scales used in the various oil pans are also different. The “quiet full” on the ruler indicates the oil level that should be present before starting the diesel engine; “dynamic full” indicates the oil level that should be maintained when the diesel engine is running; “danger” indicates that the low position of the oil should be added immediately. Therefore, when the diesel engine is working, the oil level in the oil pan should be checked regularly with the oil gauge to prevent the diesel engine from being lubricated due to the low oil level. If the oil level is too high, oil leakage may occur.

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