LED lighting enterprise layout channel masters market dominance

LED application requirements are entering a period of blow-through penetration. The huge market prospects have stimulated many domestic and foreign companies to seize the LED market, and the competition is already hot. Channels are kings, wise people first, channel construction is undoubtedly a weapon for LED lighting companies to compete for market opportunities. Who can master the channels, who can grasp the initiative of future competition.
The lighting industry has a variety of modern commercial channel models such as circulation, engineering, KA, e-commerce, invisibility, and direct marketing. In the field of circulation, there are not many enterprises with LED core resources including technologies and channels, and there are even fewer upstream and downstream industrial chain optimization capabilities. Under the premise of how to combine its own development stage and market situation, it has become the key to market success.
At present, China's lighting market has a capacity of 240 billion yuan, and LEDs have soared year by year. There is no monopoly brand that can reach the total market share of 5, especially in the field of commercial lighting and industrial lighting, but it is believed that it will appear soon in the circulation field. Therefore, some LED companies are trying to expand their channel influence, and it is inevitable that they will focus on marketing. And the way we propose the distribution channel is: to the vast majority and to the finest, very high-minded and moderate. Lin Jilin, general manager of Mulinsen Lighting Marketing, concluded.
The analysis of the High-tech LED Industry Research Institute (GLII) shows that in 2015, the integration situation will form a tug-of-war, form a brand and supply chain camp, and thus form a faction. In 2016, a large number of middle and lower reaches will be kicked out, and the market differentiation will become more and more obvious. Because in this channel field, the circulation brand belonging to the LED lighting era will emerge.
Therefore, regardless of the traditional light source or LED brand, the channel competition is extremely fierce in the three years from last year to next year. In the face of the already existing channels of shuffling, LED circulation-type strength enterprises have tried their best to implement the human-market marketing strategy of large-input and large-output, in order to quickly occupy the market in a short period of time.

For example, at the first National General Agents Meeting on February 22 this year, Mr. Sun Qinghuan, Chairman of Mulinsen, announced the goal for 2014: Mulinsen Lighting's sales in 2014 will exceed 1 billion yuan, becoming the industry's leading brand. In the next three years, Mulinsen will become a hundred Billion-level mass brand. On the same day, Mulinsen Lighting achieved a good result of an order amount of 1.4 billion yuan.
Two days later, Mulinsen Lighting immediately dispatched more than 300 marketers to the front line, and joined the same number of business elites provided by the agents to form a marketing team of nearly 700 people, and intensively cultivated the second, third and fourth line markets.
Yiguang Lighting and Dehao Runda, which also have the integration strength of the mid-to-lowstream industry chain, are not to be outdone. The former relies on the advertising bombing and landing conference last year. The latter leveraged the channels and brand influence of NVC lighting. A certain degree of popularity, but due to the short operating time of the application channel, its network quality and product cost performance have also been questioned by some insiders. This year, the channel layout of the two companies has been further strengthened.
It is understood that there are two channel targets for Yiguang Lighting this year: First, continue to improve the channel layout; Second, improve the quality of existing outlets, and plan to reach 25 operation centers, 1,500 dealers and 5,000 distribution outlets. These goals will be achieved through systematic, batch-by-batch tactics and centralized operations. In terms of network upgrades, this year, three hundred projects were proposed, namely, 100 dealers with annual sales of 1 million yuan, 500,000 yuan and 300,000 yuan.
Dehao Runda announced in March 16 that at the NVC Lighting 2014 LED New Product Launch Conference, Dehao Runda and NVC Lighting National 37 Operation Centers signed the “2014 Regional Operations Center Distribution Agreement”, intentional sales The amount reached 1 billion yuan. However, unlike other LED companies, data on the marketing strategy and number of outlets of its combined brand, Lester Dehao LED, has not been announced.
The new brand Cosbury has benefited from the support of Ruifeng Optoelectronics, and has made breakthroughs in the cost performance of the industry chain. Following the launch of the channel in the second half of 2013, it also launched an all-round advertising promotion brand promotion in 2014. According to its president Chen Yuefeng: At the site of the Hangzhou Confucius National Operators Conference in February this year, the Kesi Baili marketing team signed a sales order of 200 million yuan in 2014, and started to set up a major lighting store in each provincial capital. Outdoor Billboard.
At present, there are nearly 300 members of the Cox's China Red Blood Cell team, and an average of 10 people are stationed in each province to assist provincial operators in the development of prefecture-level, district-level and township-level channel outlets.
It can be seen that circulation-type LED companies are using large-scale paving stores through channel fission, and enterprises try to grasp the right to speak in the industry chain through the control of terminals.
However, it should not be overlooked that behind the high growth of the industry, there are hidden hidden dangers, and the pace of shuffling will continue to accelerate. Dr. Zhang Xiaofei, Chairman of Gaogong LED, believes that 2014 is the period of industry shuffling. The death rate of LED lighting companies will exceed 50, and the proportion of LED lighting companies will exceed traditional lighting for the first time.

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