Fukuda sales in the first half of the year reversed 250,000 sales

With the expansion of factories and salary increase for workers, the production and sales of domestic commercial vehicles both fell in the first quarter, but Foton Motor's sales growth reached 125,000 units and completed nearly 30% of the annual plan.

In the first quarter, the production and sales of domestic commercial vehicles were 692,600 units and 683,100 units respectively, representing a year-on-year decrease of 4.38% and 6.13%. In the overall downturn of the commercial vehicle industry, Foton Motors has been in a downward trend in the crisis, and all indicators have created the best level since its establishment.

In response, Zhao Jingguang, spokesperson for Foton Motors and spokesman of the Party Committee, said: "The good start of Foton Motor has benefited from Foton Motor's earnest implementation of the spirit of the Central Government and the municipal government to ensure growth, ensure people's livelihood, and maintain stability. The policies and measures promoted by the central and municipal governments to promote economic development have seized new opportunities for development during special economic periods."

In addition to the firm performance of its intrinsic products, in the first quarter of this year, Foton also achieved good results in the launch of new products and new technologies. From 2001’s 170 million yuan to more than one billion yuan in R&D investment in 2008, the average annual investment of Foton Auto’s independent innovation reached 3.5% to 4% of its sales revenue. In this regard, Fu Xiang’s Deputy General Manager Wang Xiangyin stated: “ The investment in previous years is now beginning to take effect."

In the first quarter of this year, the passenger vehicle that was still in the trial sale stage was actually sold by 1200 cars, which was more than the expected 20%; and Mengpike's trial sales were also sold more than 600 vehicles monthly; and the Cummins series reached a very high level during planning. The emission standards are now also able to fully adapt to market changes.

For the results achieved in the first quarter, Wang Xiangyin said: "Unlike passenger cars, commercial vehicles sell solutions, so the sales model is very important."

He said that Foton Motor has continued to advance Toyota’s advanced TPS model since 2001, and on this basis, Foton plans to establish its own model “FPS” in the next 5 to 10 years. For this reason, Foton Motors has started to widely promote the T-network management model internally. This is a bold innovation made by Foton Motor in the sales channel last year.

Wang Xiangyin said: “The implementation of the T-network management model can optimize the network upgrade evaluation system, promote the construction of network hardware and operational capabilities, and support distributors to become bigger and stronger, thus further effectively enhance the network sales capabilities.”

Last year, the number of first-tier distributors of Foton Motor increased from 1,771 in the previous year to 1,802, and the number of service providers increased from 3,257 in the previous year to 3,450. The increased network was mostly concentrated in the secondary and tertiary markets. In this regard, Wang Xiangyin said: "The adjustment of marketing channels is a trend. The market is becoming more and more subdivided, and the level of consumers is becoming more widespread. We are using the deep cultivation of the second and third-tier markets to gradually achieve continuous sales growth."

Foton Motor signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shougang Corporation and Beijing Rural Commercial Bank.

As the third largest shareholder of Foton Motor, Shougang Corporation has long established a long-term friendly partnership with Foton Motor. According to this agreement, the two parties agreed to open up each other's markets to each other. At the same time, Foton Motor also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Beijing Rural Commercial Bank. According to the agreement, Beijing Rural Commercial Bank will cooperate with Foton Motor's development plan during the national automobile industry revitalization plan within the scope permitted by the national laws and regulations.

Foton Automobile News Spokesperson Zhao Jingguang said: “This cooperation partner will achieve a win-win situation. On the one hand, it will provide greater opportunities for the market expansion of Foton Motors products; on the other hand, Foton Motor will provide logistics and transportation for The project construction will provide more reliable product and service guarantees and reduce the cost of vehicles."

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