Lubricants brand will face fierce battle in 2009

In the lube industry in 2008, there were no eye-catching advertising campaigns, no smoke-filled price promotions, and on the surface, the Chinese lubricants market appeared to be somewhat flat. However, under the situation where the price of crude oil has fluctuated significantly and new emission standards have been fully implemented, the Chinese lubricant industry is still in deep water. This also laid the groundwork for the fierce battle of lube companies in 2009. The sharp fluctuations in crude oil prices in 2008 brought new challenges to lubricant companies. In the oil price surge in the first half of 2008, some small and medium sized lubricant companies that lacked technical advantages and lacked basic oil resources stopped production or declared bankruptcy. Leading companies such as Kunlun and Shell are taking the opportunity to expand their strength. In August 2008, Kunlun Lubricants announced the acquisition of Wuxi Gao Runjie, a small influential in the field of grease, demonstrating the strength and courage of leading companies. The acquisition on the one hand has strengthened Kunlun's strength in the grease field, helped to optimize Kunlun's product structure, and laid the foundation for Kunlun's further competition for the market.

Another focus of the lubricant industry in 2008 was energy conservation and environmental protection. At present, resource shortages and environmental pollution have become common challenges facing the world. In response, China has implemented a series of positive measures to promote energy conservation and environmental protection. This has led lubricant companies to accelerate technological innovation in 2008 to meet the escalating market demand in the future.

In terms of marketing, although it is not filled with smoke, competition has never stopped. Marketing activities such as promotion and promotion of Kunlun Teana, unified roadshows, and promotion and promotion of Shell have been one after another, leaving the market in 2008 quiet.

With the intensification of the financial crisis, the impact of the economic recession has become increasingly serious, which added a dignified atmosphere to the lube market in 2009. After the accumulation of power in 2008, the close competition of mainstream manufacturers in 2009 has been unavoidable, and SMEs will face even greater challenges. A new round of industry reshuffle is inevitable. Fortunately, ethnic enterprises have made early plans. It is understood that China's lubricants leader Kunlun Lubricants has taken a number of measures to prepare for 2009: launched a major focus on a number of automotive oil energy-saving environmental protection technology, and strengthened the Kunlun advantages in the field of industrial oil; strengthen the dealer The training will increase the competitiveness of the channel and extend its reach to the terminal; it will continue to adopt a wealth of means to three-dimensionalize the Kunlun brand image. In addition, the company also accelerated the construction of the Kunlun Lubricant Oil Quick Change Center, with a view to adding points for the brand through services.


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