2009 China Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Summit Forum Held in Nanjing

On April 23, 2009, the China Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Summit Forum 2009, hosted by the National Association of Commercial Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing, was held in Nanjing New Century Hotel, Jiangsu, with the theme of development opportunities for commercial vehicles in the context of the financial crisis.

In 2009, many new changes have taken place in the automotive market in China. As a response to the global financial crisis, the effectiveness of the revitalization plan for automobiles has resulted in whether China's commercial vehicles will continue to rise or fall; apart from some light trucks, commercial vehicles have all been implemented. National 3 emission standards, but in fact, the country's 2 models and models are still in mass production, hidden behind this particular phenomenon is what kind of mystery; from January onwards, heavy and light diesel engines together, this early arrival How far can the bull market go? With more and more commercial vehicle ownership, many dealers feel that the auto parts industry is becoming increasingly difficult and where the direction of highlighting is. On April 23, the 2009 China Commercial Vehicle Aftermarket Summit sponsored by the National Federation of Commercial Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing invited national experts and leaders of relevant industries to give a splendid speech and analysis.

At the forum, Xu Changming, director of the Economic Information Center of the National Information Center, demonstrated from the perspectives of the relationship between commercial vehicles and GDP, the economic environment of China’s commercial vehicles, and plans for revitalization of China’s top ten industries. He believed that China’s commercial vehicle market will continue to exist in 2009. It is the brightest spot in the world and it is the most worth looking forward to. The Secretary General of the China Automobile Industry Advisory Committee, Teng Bole, proposed that independent research and development of China's spare parts enterprises avoid the tendency of hollowing out key components from many aspects such as auto-configuration upgrades and exports. Wang Bin, general manager of Cummins Emissions Treatment Systems (China) Co., Ltd., carefully introduced the current hot issues of concern to the industry, such as emissions regulations and the country 4 technology line, and the impact of China 4 on the parts and service industries. Li Yi, CEO of Beijing Yimei Softcom Technology Co., Ltd., and Zhao Yilin, senior advisor to the National Association of Commercial Vehicle Parts Production and Marketing, believe that core competitiveness is actually a special collection of comprehensive capabilities to provide benefits. Enterprises must carefully study the life cycle, User requirements, etc., enhance the company's core competitiveness by providing comprehensive capabilities for benefits. The development opportunities brought about by the auto industry's adjustment and revitalization plans, the challenges and opportunities of China's commercial vehicle parts, the impact of engine emission upgrades on production and distribution companies, the layout of Cummins engines in the Chinese market, and the arrival of the 3G world The business transformation from the desk to the palm brought exciting speeches such as the impact of the circulation mode of the auto parts industry and how the core parts of the accessories circulation business formed in the new situation.

In addition, the forum also launched a wealth of dialogue activities. Firstly, the three heavy-duty light truck OEMs such as Beiqi Foton, Dongfeng Automobile, JAC and Yan Lixing, executive vice president of the Commercial Vehicle Accessories Production and Marketing Federation, and distributor representative Su Jingyi related to the status quo, adjustment and integration development trend of the light vehicle aftermarket channels. Topics were discussed on site. Under the stimulation of China's automobile revitalization plan, the market performance of light trucks has received particular attention under the support of agricultural vehicles and low-speed trucks subsidizing the purchase of light trucks. All these changes brought to the market will be reflected in the construction of channels. on. At the forum, all three major light truck manufacturers, Foton, Dongfeng, and Jianghuai, attended the meeting, showing that vehicle manufacturers pay attention to the use of the National Commercial Vehicle Accessories Production and Marketing Association platform to carry out channel construction and integration of post-market resources.

Under the background of technological upgrading of commercial vehicles, the number of high-end accessories markets of multinational companies has grown rapidly. Multinational companies hope to cooperate with distributors that are at the forefront of the domestic market when developing domestic post-market service channels. In this forum, the representatives of multinational corporations such as Federal-Mogul, Wabok, Gates and others under the auspices of Luo Jinling, editor-in-chief of Automobile and Accessories magazine, discussed the opportunities for cooperation between multinational parts companies' aftermarket channels and domestic distribution channels. A dialogue was conducted.

In 2009, it was a very special year for China's auto industry. In response to the severe impact of the international financial crisis, China introduced a plan for economic stimulus and automobile revitalization. How to grasp business opportunities? How to find the right direction? The content of this forum is rich and informative, giving people a fresh feeling. Experts answer questions and discuss the development of the automotive industry together with company representatives.

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