Pressure sensors provide protection for normal operation of the pump

Volumetric pump specialists ROBBINS & MYERS have introduced a non-intrusive pressure sensor that protects the pump under dry operating conditions and under high pressure conditions.

Designed to fit at the pump outlet, the RM pressure sensor is considered to be the most effective way to prevent the pump from interfering with operation, as opposed to other conventional 'presence / disappearance' detectors, stator temperature probes and other jamming devices.

At the same time, positive displacement pumps are considered as one of the most versatile pump designs with the following advantages: They handle abrasive fluids with minimal wear; accurately measure viscous liquids; and deliver extremely sensitive products with major limitations (Just like most pump products) are run dry. However, using RM pressure sensors is one of the most effective ways for users to protect their positive displacement pumps or other processing equipment during dry operating conditions or high / low pressure conditions.

The device consists of sensors, pressure switches and control box composed of three basic components. The sensor is mounted between two standard ANSI flanges to allow fluid flow to be unobstructed. Pressure detection throughout the piping system ensures that the enclosure, fixture, or jumper does not affect the pressure reading. A further feature is the presence of a liquid-filled manometer that visualizes the pressure throughout the pump system.


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