What is Xbox all about?

Last Tuesday, Microsoft announced its future Xbox game console. In some respects, it's an understatement that it's just a "game console," and it may be overstated.

When the first-generation Xbox came out, it had a function of watching DVDs and playing music, but did not argue that its core role was as a game machine. Moving across the sea, Nintendo's GameCube and the Sony Playstation 2 game are also in the same name. In the next generation, only Nintendo's Wii retains the game spirit and tries to make very different games. Although Sony’s PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are both focused on games, they have added a bit of excitement to video and music applications. The emergence of the latest generation is only representative of what direction each company will go. This is a miracle - Microsoft's direction may be surprising.
During the premiere, Microsoft demonstrated many features of the Xbox game console, but in this, Microsoft did not show off more gameplay. Hardware, display controllers, and software highlighted and displayed by the Kinect device are not prominent and actually only show very small games. It may be that Microsoft knows there will be plenty of time to negotiate with game developers. Microsoft may already feel that the premiere is a better opportunity to show off all the new things that people can do in addition to the Xbox games.

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