Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)

Model NO.: LZDZ
Measuring Media: Liquid
Measuring Principle: Positive of Displacement
Measurement Object: Closed Pipeline
Certification: CE, ISO
Trademark: YINUO
Transport Package: Plywood Case
Origin: China
HS Code: 90261000

    LZDZ Series Auto Batch Control Flow Meter is designed by our company for liquids control and precise measurement (hereafter we call LZDZ). LZDZ has the feature of compact structure, easy operation and stable performance. According to the preset flow value, LZDZ can control the process flow automatically and measure it precisely. In loading/unloading system, LZDZ can detect the many signals such as electrostatic grounding, high level alarm and then operate automatically and safely. Through remote communication, LZDZ can also compose the Collecting-Distributing Quantitative Filling Control System with upper computer for rationing oil, which includes the functions of monitor, query and printing.

     Main Specifications
  1. Accuracy: ±0.15%, ±0.25%;
  2. DN: 50mm, 80mm, 100mm;
  3. PN: 1.6MPa, 2.5MPa, 4.0MPa;
  4. 4 circuits ON/OFF input signal and 1 circuit pulse input signal;
  5. 6 circuits passive contact signal input, capability 5A(AC220V);
  6. RS485 interface,Baud rate: 1200, 2400, 4800, 9600, 19200;
  7. Max. display value: 999999.99; Control range: 1~999999.99; Initial lead range: 0~9999.99;
  8. Batch: (1~99)times, interval time: (1~99)s;
  9. Pulse equivalent range: 0.0001~99.9999; Density range: 0.0001~99.9999;
  10. liquid viscosity: (0~2000)mPa·s;
  11. Ambient temperature: (-20~+55)ºC;
  12. Working temperature: ≤+130ºC;
  13. Explosion proof: ExdII BT4;
  14. Power supply: 220VAC ±10%, 50Hz (or customize as 24VDC) ; Auto save data when power is off;
  15. Electric interface: G3/4 one power line and one signal line.
  16. Manual operation makes commissioning and convenient emergency assistance easy.(DO NOT OPEN THE COVER WHEN POWER IS ON)
  17. Flow range:
Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)


Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)


Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)


    LZDZ is made up with flowmeter, valve and controller and can be installed directly in the loading/unloading pipeline through flanges to control the measurement automatically.
    1. Flowmeter
    Adopt our LSZ Series Double Rotator flowmeter or other kind of flowmeter;
    2. Valve mechanism
    Adopt electric operator and ball valve.
    3. Controller
    Adopt single chip, array LCD and 15*10 field key operations.

Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)


    1. Installation Environment
    Please confirm the environment is suitable for the performance marked on the nameplates before install the LZDZ in hazardous area (except coal mine).
    2. Location
    LZDZ can only be installed horizontally and meanwhile should be kept the pipeline for measurement full of the process liquid.
    3. Direction
    Please install LZDZ according to the correspondence between Flow Arrow direction marked on body and the Flow Direction in the pipeline or indicate the flow direction and operation location before placing order.
    4. Installation Instruction.
    Please mount the two flanges of LZDZ into the pipeline and meanwhile keep some space for operation panel which should be convenient by the operators. 

    Model Selection

Auto Batch Control Flow Meter for Filing System (LZDZ)

Sample: LZDZ-050LSZ B1G1.6R4FD025
LDJ Series Auto Batch Control Flow Meter; Size: 50mm; Double Rotator Flowmeter; Explosion proof; Working temperature(-20~+80)ºC; Cast steel; Nominal Pressure: 1.6MPa; Communication RS485. Pulse output; With IC card and accuracy of 0.25%.

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